Too much looking forward- new Ology after!

I almost knew it would happen, that I would go through this mornings practice with my mind on the future dropback and not on where I was . It took a lot of mental effort to keep bringing myself back to the current pose.

Much less adjustment today, no excruciating Prasarita Padot C assist, just a reminder to straighten my arms in the Warriors. Seated were much the same, except for a nice deep forward bend in Mari A and a comment that in my transitions between Chaturanga and Down dog, that my feet should roll over together, not one at a time and also that my knees shouldn’t touch the floor. The second side of Mari D was where my right knee decided to get its revenge, as I went to twist and bind, pain shot through it and I bailed out ASAP. At least Supta K felt an easy bind today.

And so closing eventually came to pass, my mind at last where it wanted to be, 3 x good Urdva Dhanurasana, then to the wall, for all the usual experiments, except this week I sneaked a blanket along, after a few minutes warming up I started to try and hang back until I could see the floor, but I didn’t quite have the bend. I thought Cary was busy adjusting someone else, so I had another go, then felt a light prod in the chest, she let me go a long way on my own before she took me to the floor and I walked my hands in. My mind and body find it hard to take total responsibility, when they know intervention is going to happen, but I didn’t have the confidence to ask her to let me go completely on my own, but I did get most of the way on my own and she even said my backbends were good today.

Another long practice, I had planned to grab some food before going to the Yoga Show, but it was pouring with rain, so I just got the train and got in the dry of Olympia as soon as I could. The show was fun to look round, I had a seated massage, then tried a new therapy, Reflexology. I have never had that before and I don’t really know if it did anything for me as the therapist had to wake me up after my 20 minutes were up, I suppose that proves its relaxing if nothing else!


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