Good Yoga practices don’t last

After my relative success with the dropbacks, a good practice on Sunday, followed by the Reflexology experience, practice has gone back into hiding, well apart from Tuesday evening when I did a full primary. My Urdva Dhanurasanas have certainly felt stronger, but I seem to have only a one in three or four success rate with my home dropback attempts. I get the best results when I have played around with the second series poses before, these certainly open me up. The problem with the unsuccessfull dropback attempts is that I either manage to piss my knee off (had to buy a new knee support yesterday), or I seem to land with my left arm to far back, which really annoys the shoulder. The spiky massage ball and Tiger balm is on overtime of late.

Yesterday I had a dental check up in the morning when I got the guy to glue my crown back in for the third time, he says it probably wont last, but as it came in with the price of the check up I thought it was worth taking a chance. He said he used the strongest super dental cement possible, try not to chew for 5 hours and it would only finally be set in 24 hours. So yesterday lunchtime the Duck’s got my Rye bread sandwiches and I had a couple of fairy cakes which would just disintegrate without having to chew. This was obviously not enough fuel for the day, after getting home I did some Surya’s and started to play around with backbends while the dinner was cooking. I then tried to do some backdrops, I had no idea my energy level was so low, as I went back almost to the point of no return the shakes came on and the world went a bit hazy, I had no choice but to try and get to the floor, but ended up with my right arm too bent and my left arm/ hand too far behind me, wrenching my shoulder as I landed on my head. At which point I woke up to the fact that this was probably not a good idea. I am going to have to bring back the sugar lumps or find some way of intaking enough energy to do practice.


7 Responses to “Good Yoga practices don’t last”

  1. Helen Aldred Says:

    Hi there, take it easy no point injuring yourself after all your hard work. Remember ahimsa (non violence) begins with the self. Oh and sugar lumps, not a great fueler if you really need something quick maybe try dates. A good idea maybe if you practice in evening but get home hungry is to have a smoothie, banana and dates etc. Hope I’m not being a nag, take care, H.

  2. Globie Says:

    Thanks Helen,

    No not nagging, any ideas are welcome. That’s the second time I have had the shaking and dizzyness at home after running out of fuel.

  3. Helen Aldred Says:

    I think you said you were dropping back at the time. Were you breathing?

    Some people do get faint when dropping back and there is an anatomical reason for that. However, I do not think you have this problem as it would be happening more often. Have a light snack or drink before practice if your hungry, i reckon, non traditionalist I know but better than shaking.

  4. Globie Says:

    When I was first being taken into dropbacks I did used to go dizzy quite often, especially on the way back up, but it hasn’t happened at the Shala for quite a few months now.

    With the successfull dropback I posted the video of I inhaled up, go back as far as I dare on the exhale, hang, then try and take another in-breath before going for the floor.

    Think I should have a snack. I have stopped the after practice sugar craving on Sunday’s by having some orange juice an hour or so before I begin. So its a croissant after practice now rather than desperately grabbing sugar lumps.

  5. Helen Aldred Says:

    cool maybe you could try orange juice in the evening, that would be easy?

  6. Maria Says:

    hi. there are always peaks and troughs… I personally believe that if you are genuinely physically tired, as opposed to “not in the mood” tired, you are better off doing a 15 minute meditation or some pranayama. tomorrow is always another day. my two yoga related injuries have both come when I am wrecked and guilted myself into practisisng. i’m not saying you did this but when ur tired you get injured more easily.
    re needing the snack, a couple of bites of banana or some figs, but what are really good if you get to a good health food place are those energy ball things – made mostly from dates i think, but have raw cacao, or shredded coconut, some have added spirulina… they are great….. or, as i remember from my running days, marathoners use jellybeans!!!
    Be well

  7. susananda Says:

    I know what Maria means – Bounce spirulina ginseng balls? Love those. Or a couple of carob-coated brazil nuts or caramelised cashews… sugar protein and doesn’t fill you up at all. I personally couldn’t have a smoothie within a couple of hours of practice… too filling.

    Re crappy practices, I’ve had some too this week and cut them short in order not to get injured. When I feel ‘fragile’ I don’t push it. Getting on the mat’s excellent, knowing when to stop is too.

    But you’ll have a great practice Sunday after the magic pizza 🙂

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