Double yoga – Tired but happy

Its been a fun weekend, yoga at TLC with Michaela on Saturday morning, only 3 people there for some reason, but a nice practice up in the Loft looking out over the chimney pots of Notting Hill through the steamy windows. My knee is better, but still not up for Mari D. I seemed to get to closing in a seemless, quiet flow, I suddenly thought “Oh backbends, they have come round quick“, after Urdva Dhanurasana I stood up to start my dropback experiments. My back felt quite bendy and open, so I went and got one of the little pillows to use  as a safety net, Michaela was laughing and asked what I was intending to do with the pillow, I just carried on, placed the pillow where my head may land, inhaled up and began to bend back and just about got my arms straight and hands in place as my head grazed the little pillow, landing my dropback for the first time in a Shala (sorry it wasn’t YP), Michaela had watched, probably expecting to have to come running to the rescue, then she said “That was great, you can do it!”. So I did a couple more to prove it wasn’t a fluke.

I was buzzing after practice, almost elation, that feeling of knowing it was a good one. I went to Tesco to buy some water and was served by a lady with a name badge, would you believe her name was actually “Happy”, I asked her if it was just an advert or if it was her name, she confirmed she was indeed both Happy by name and by nature.

The afternoon was spent running the travel club, over 140 people turned up. That wasn’t the end of the day though, later I met up with AC and Susan from the Shala, we had a lovely meal in a Turkish restaurant, time to chat and relax, we should do it more often.

A late night and then an early morning train back to the city to practice at YP. Though thanks to Susan last night presenting me with a little Ginseng energy ball to munch on the train and some orange juice, I was less depleted than of late.

Practice was fun today, Oscar is mobile, a 10 month old brings something different to a yoga room, he’s a happy little kid who makes me laugh, doing backbends in his carry pouch while his Mon adjusts or trying to grab great lumps of her hair! Though I have this theory that his first words won’t be Mom or Dad it will be “Drishte” 🙂

A different practice today, Cary is much more exacting, I find I am more focussed, my mind wanders less, though by the middle of seated I was getting tired. Again I had to modify Marichyasana D, my right knee still wont play ball, but at least I don’t mind now, Mari D is no longer the be all and end all of my practice. Brilliant Supta K today, with Cary’s assistance and instruction, feet crossed, lifted up, then she took me out via the proper Titibhasana, Bakasana, surprised I had the energy left by then.

Practice was tiring today, a busy weekend and 2 practices take a toll, Urdva Dhanurasana was ok, I stood up to go to the wall for dropback, but there was no room, so I stayed put and grabbed a blanket and started to play around bending back until I felt safe to start going further. After a couple of abortive attempts where the weight went the wrong way I managed to land my first dropback at YP, on the next mat Susan gave me a smile, alas Cary missed it! I did 3 more, then went into Paschimottanasana. By the time Cary came over I had done Sirsasana, she said “We didn’t do dropbacks yet!”, You should have seen the look on her face when I told her I had done it on my own, Susan confirming it to her, after a high 5, she said “you better come next week, you’re gonna stand up”, I told her that could take a couple of years!

So its Sunday evening, I am tired, but I still have some of that elation inside.


16 Responses to “Double yoga – Tired but happy”

  1. AC Says:

    Yeah, I caught all x3 of your dropbacks!! Nothing to fear ya see, 🙂

  2. Pat Says:

    Congratulations! It was only a matter of time!

  3. Helen Aldred Says:

    Well done

  4. globie Says:

    Thanks folks, isn’t it just the most incredible feeling when you do it.

  5. Helen Aldred Says:

    Yes I love dropping back and you have worked so hard at this it’s great to see the dedication come through for you. I also love the way your teacher was straight away on to you learning to come up. It’s a journey not a destination.

  6. globie Says:

    Its so true about it being a journey not a destination. 18 months ago I thought I had got as far as my ageing body was going to let me, that I had reached my personal yoga destination. How wrong I was, with having regular access to a great teacher and some dedication on my part, incredible things I never even dreamed of, have happened.

    Need to find a project for 2010, after 2008 being Supta K year and 2009 the dropback year, 2010??????????

  7. Helen Aldred Says:

    Yeah, it’s nice to have a project, just blogged about that. Sounds like for now your project will be coming up.

  8. V Says:


  9. globie Says:

    Pasasana, I wish!

  10. Pat Says:

    “some” dedication??????

    Pasasana IS a logical next step. All you have to do to satisfy the most conservative teachers is stand up from UD. You’re halfway there!

  11. globie Says:

    Yes I wonder just how many hours I have spent over the last 10 months doing backbends. We talked on Saturday about how we give our time and energy to the things we are most passionate about, yoga, and how we avoid or do the minimum with all the other stuff.

    Well Cary is certainly conservative, so I wont hold my breath waiting for Pasasana

  12. r4ds Says:

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  13. Helen Aldred Says:

    Hi Kevin, I got the above post on my blog too, spam, me thinks, strange one though. Even the most traditional teacher would give you pasasana once you can stand up even if not immediately in 2010 I would imagine. I had to wait almost a year after standing up but that was largely because I did not have a mysore teacher for 6 months and then started with a new teacher who had to get my own practice in monthly intervals. Have you done any more drop backs? Coming to London twice this month, I am excited!

  14. globie Says:

    hi Helen,

    Yes reckon you are right about it being spam, weird kind of spam though.

    I don’t feel like standing up from dropback is anywhere near, I don’t have the feeling of what nees to engage to make it happen, though I suspect I need to land my hands nearer my feet to begin with so that more weight is over the ankles. Where does the momentum come from to stand up, what is it I need to engage?

    The dropback was funny in that I suddenly had the sensation of my back opening an extra notch allowing me to hang back with more control and see the floor. Michaela said my shoulders had also suddenly become more open.

    I did a couple of dropbacks last night, but Monday practices always seem stiff, especially after doing 2 full shala ones at the weekend, my back was a bit stiff, so didn’t push it.

    If you are in London this Sunday come to YP, brunch after practice with Karen (Donutszenmom) and a few others.

  15. Helen Aldred Says:

    Yes I noticed you guys were meeting up but Monday is a moonday so not a good weekend for me to come up, as I want to practice with H at AYL. I’m coming the following two weekends though. David Swenson workshop Sat 28th. Brunch sounds lovely but I can’t come to London every week, maybe one of the other times I am up.

    I’m sure Cary will be on your case re coming up on Saturday. When you learning you can get momentum by swinging your pelvis backwards and forwards, keep it high. You need to get more weight on your feet than is on your hands. At first do not think about coming up just forward. Could write more but I’m sure Cary will show you which will be better because she can literally show you.

  16. globie Says:

    Cary will definitley be on my case on Sunday, she had that “look” when she said she wants me to stand up before she goes on holiday in 3 weeks time! I’ll have a play around when I practice tonight, good tip about keeping the pelvis high and swinging to get the momentum.

    A shame you are not down this weekend, Philippa at TY always teaches on Moondays, as they only do Mon-Fri, she’s a certified teacher too.

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