Best ones so far

Finding time for practice this week is hard. Apart from surviving a day at the Labour camp, I am busy putting the final touches to the lecture I am giving on Saturday, like any typical Virgo I plan things down to the enth degree. I have given this lecture before, but there are things that need updating and things I thought didn’t work the first time around which I am changing. I love giving the talks, the interaction with the audience is always fun.

So practice is being squeezed in to my schedule,  when I am on the mat like last night I try for focus and quality rather than quantity. With that in mind  I set to last night and actually ended up having a very good practice for a weekday evening, full Primary and as I had been concentrated I had gained time for some backbend experiments. I started with walking in on my UD’s, following Helen’s tip of trying to keep the pelvis high with the intention of trying to transfer the weight into my feet and stand, no chance!

Dropback is now part of my practice (Can’t believe I can write that), I just about landed the first one, then did the best 2 I have done on my own, landing well up the mat with my head nowhere near touching the crash blanket. Although I need my safety net, I find that by aiming my hands at it rather than beyond it, I am landing in a deeper bend. If my hands land too far back they seem to bounce, especially the left hand, which then annoys my shoulder.

At home after the forward bend I have a habit of calling it a day, but I was conscious on Sunday of how my Sirsasana has got a bit unstable, especially the halfway ones, so I made sure I completed closing, missing nothing out.

Practice is satisfying at the moment, I hope it lasts.


2 Responses to “Best ones so far”

  1. Flo Says:

    Quality instead of quantity–that has been my mantra as of late. Learning a new job has me fitting in what I can when I can. So I can relate.
    Congrats on dropbacks. I was progressing well and then when I got frightened I stopped doing them now it seems so scary to try again.
    But Congrats on your progress and your beautiful practice.

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Flo,

    I still have some fear when doing dropback, but not as much, now that my back opens that extra notch allowing me to see the mat, seeing the mat has given me the confidence to do it, knowing how far to go. Videoing my hangback made me realise just how near I was to success, give it a try.

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