Dropping back to the weather Gods!

It had to be a short (60min) practice tonight, as I have to get everything ready for tomorrows trip to Cheshire, which I should be doing now, but am blogging instead.

Practice was full standing, some forward bends, followed by my full repertoire of backbends, including Ustrasana, Laghu Vajrasana, Dhanursana, Salabhasana etc etc, it did result in a couple of good UD’s before the dropbacks, after some warm ups against the door, I kept my mental promise to never leave my mat again without doing them.

Tonight’s weather forcast is dire, high, 75 mph damaging winds and sideways rain, so I am worried about the transport. I said to myself the first dropback is to get there, 2nd one to get back tomorrow night and the 3rd one to get to London for practice on Sunday. Well I hope I get there, as my left hand on the first one landed too far back, though I still controlled it, second and third ones were OK, though I think I twisted a bit. Its funny how mental games like that, when you really want something can bring a focus and intention.

So we just have to hope that the weather train Gods appreciated my efforts!

One Response to “Dropping back to the weather Gods!”

  1. Helen Aldred Says:

    Good for you! The weather is not so nice. I just cycled back from teaching with the wind against me. Thank goodness it’s a day off tomorrow. Have a great time Sunday, sorry I couldn’t join.

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