It all worked out just fine

Well my dropbacks for the weather Gods on Friday night obviously worked out. Despite the awful weather I made it to Chester on Saturday, met some nice people up there too and got a round of applause for the talk on Laos, before a 3 1/2 hour trip home. But a worthwhile day.

This morning I woke up tired and stiff, but aching to return to the mat. The train even arrived early into the city for a change. Met AC on the escalator and delighted to meet Karen at the Shala, another cybershala yogini who now exists in reality.

Took my usual space and started a long, stiff 2 hour practice. Spending 7 hours on trains shortens the Hamstrings, I was only just getting head to knee by the end of the Surya B’s. All of standing felt stiff, I couldn’t find length in anything, Cary didn’t even push as hard as usual in PPC. Seated were marginally better, being able to work on one hamstring at a time in Triang Mukha and the Janusirsasanas before managing the Mari’s except D on the second side, my right knee is still angry, painful and rebellious. Managed a good wriggle into Supta K and lifted up, but just could not find the energy this week for Bakasana. Cary arrived just as I was cheating my way in (bent knees) to the Upavistha balance, to be fair she had pretty well left me alone, but she tried to get me to lift up with straight legs and catch the feet, it needs some work…

And so we come to backbends, I wondered if I would manage them today, having had a day of inertia, I feel like I need to do backbends every day to keep these hard fought gains. Urdva Dhanurasana was not bad surprisingly, so off to the wall next to AC for some playing around, managing a couple of decent dropbacks before Cary arrived.

Well today for the first time with Cary standing in front of me I did a dropback on my own, knowing she wasn’t going to intervene, I tried to forget she was there, what Dena called having a private moment, trying to calm the nerves, not that she was going to be giving me a score out of ten or anything. I inhaled up, exhaled back and landed it, before she helped me up. I managed another one where my head just got there first, I seemed to have used up all my effort and concentration resources doing the first one under her gaze, before the 3rd, when my feet flew out from under me, ouch my poor head. She then did a couple with me, before giving me a squishing. It’s stupid, but it felt like passing an exam, knowing you can do something, but doing it on the day is somehow different, yeah stupid I know… But having now done it under those conditions hopefully the mentality will change. She gave me advice on trying to learn to stand up, before telling me that next week I should wait for her to come round to assist, so that I don’t use up all my energy playing around “warming up” and have more energy for the dropbacks.

I was glad to finish practice today, it wasn’t quite the flowing type I hope for, it felt hard, but had its good moments. Practice today was followed by brunch with AC, Susan and Karen, OMG was that Pain au chocolat good. I so enjoy spending time with yoga folk talking about practice, out here in the sticks peoples eyes either glaze over if I talk about practice or they just ask “Why?” which is even harder to explain. Susan helped me to make my mind up about the 2nd series workshop with David Swenson, I just signed up, OMG what have I done?



15 Responses to “It all worked out just fine”

  1. Pat Says:

    Congratulations on the next little step of the journey! It does feel good when it happens. I just watched the Paul Grilley Yin Yoga DVD and he talks about how ‘advanced practitioners’ still need to practice, and they know this, because they still need to work the little kinks out rather than get farther in the postures. It made me feel beter, even though I am nowhere close to and advanced practitioner, to know that there is recognition that working the kinks out is recognized! I always say we practice “because we MUST”!
    I just saw the David Swenson notice. I like his teaching style. You’ll get a lot from the workshop. Many teachers admit that the first part of Intermediate series actually helps Primary. But I think you already know that don’t you?

  2. Helen Aldred Says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Glad the dropbacks are still flowing. Looking forward to having some shala practice myself Saturday to Monday. Glad your going to make it to David Swenson. I’d say let’s meet up afterwards but I only have 30 minutes between second series intro workshop and the bandha workshop. Packing them. Will have to have a light snack with me! Glad you decided to come as you obviously wanted too.

  3. globie Says:

    Hi Helen,

    I just have the feeling that now is the right time to do the workshop with the dropback breakthrough. I may end up doing the bandha one as well.

    Glad to hear you are going to get some Shala time, it makes such a difference.

  4. Helen Aldred Says:

    Yes, It will be good to get some shala time. The workshop will be a lovely reward for yourself after all the effort you put in to drop backs. BTW you gave a talk on Laos, what about Laos? To who? I used to live in Thailand, did I mention that already? Anyhow, just curious.

  5. globie Says:

    I just ordered Kino’s new dvd, hopefully it will give me some idea of what to expect on the 28th. It does feel like a reward for the effort.

    I gave a talk on travel in Laos to the Chester Travel club at the Grosvenor Museum in Chester last Saturday, its the second time I have done that one and I have also been asked to do it again in Guildford next April.

  6. Helen Says:

    Lol, I bought kino’s dvd yesterday too! I had a bit of a yoga shopping spree, bought a few book that dvd and a new yoga bag, mine is falling apart. So how come you know so much about Laos?

  7. Globie Says:

    Yoga stuff I buy without any guilt, practice is such an integral part of my existence. I loved Kino’s workshop, I got so much from it.

    I ended up doing a “recce” trip for a small adventure travel company called Gecko, trying out a new trip to Laos, I got a hefty discount for going under the conditions that hotels may not be up to standard, transport may not work out etc. Ended up with 2 of us and a guide doing the trip and spending the evening disecting it, what we thought of hotels etc, of the places we visited, where we would want to spend more time and in some cases less. A lot of our input went into the trip they now offer in their brochure. It was great fun, we did stay at one flea pit, some of the transport was bum numbing, but I loved breaking new ground. Laos is great, had thai massage every day.

  8. Helen Says:

    Not studied with Kino yet, hoping to next year though. I see she is coming to Edinburgh in March. I’m hoping she comes to London around the same time as then I can sneak a mysore class in as well.

    Your trip to Laos sounds awesome. I went there for a few weeks when I lived in Thailand, I used to get three months paid holiday (I worked in a school). So I travelled round SE Asia a fair bit.

  9. globie Says:

    Kino’s workshops usually include at least one Mysore practice, so you wouldn’t be missing out. I tried to get a place on her workshop in vienna, but its sold out already.

    I enjoy the se asian countries. Korea was a fun place too.

  10. Helen Says:

    HI Kevin, you are right I am sure I would out miss out anything if I studied with kino, mysore class or not. I guess what I meant was, if I could go in London, I could do a mysore class with H at AYL. I come to study with him once a month so if I went to Scotland it would mean two trips away. If she does a workshop in London I can just stay in London until Monday. This is what I am doing when I come p for the David Swenson workshop. Feels like an intensive is approaching two long weekends in London.

  11. globie Says:

    Kino is in London in September, I’ll be booking as soon as TY open it up. That will give you your long weekend and practice at AYL with H.

    Looking forward to the Swenson workshop, a new door is opening just a little.

  12. Helen Aldred Says:

    Nice one, thanks for letting me know, glad I mentioned it now. I’m looking forward to the Swenson workshop too. I like his relaxed approach.

  13. globie Says:

    I have never done anything with Swenson, so it will be a whole new experience for me.

    I just saw Kino is doing a week in Thailand next year, OMG am I tempted to go.

  14. Helen Aldred Says:

    Your excitement about Kino’s workshops is making me extra keen to make sure I make it to one of her workshops next year. Most of the workshops I have been to have been with men and as a woman I am curious about the female perspective from a senior female Ashtangi.

    When I first practice Ashtanga it was from Swenson’s book and then DVD. So I guess he always seems special on my yoga journey. Also his teacher training intensive influences my teaching, I often hear his voice in my head as I’m teaching

    I saw the Thailand workshop, you should go for it if you can. Is Dena coming to the UK next year?

  15. globie Says:

    I am the opposite, nearly all of my teachers have been female, Liz,Jane, Easter, Dena and Cary, just the way its worked out, they have all been good for my practice. I had never heard of Kino until Susan told me about her, then I did the workshop and thought “how” have I missed her, I learned so much in those 3 days.

    I am almost tempted to press the book button, I just e-mailed a couple of flight places, just to enquire…

    Dena is still deciding, she said she would let me know, if she does come I don’t think she will spend so much time in Europe as she did last Summer.It will probably be July-August if she does.

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