Toxed-Need to restart the programme

Despite the relative success with the dropbacks over the last couple of weeks I have been feeling tired. Its been building, waking up after 10 hours sleep and still feeling unrested. Going through the motions of the day, listless with that feeling of heaviness. And despite the dropbacks I have felt it in my practice, when my practice is “ON” I can feel a length in my body and a lightness as I move through my practice, but when its “OFF” as it now seems to be, its a slog that not only makes me want to abandon the whole  thing at Surya A, but to give up yoga and take up Bowls or Darts or something.

Practice last night was relatively OK, especially for a Moon day, finishing with 3 safely landed dropbacks. Tonight was something else, I slogged through to Mari C, then tried to do some backbends, but I had no bend in my back at all, at least I had the sense to call it a day and have a Savasana.

I think its my recent lifestyle catching up with me, despite my good intentions I have eaten a lot of stuff I shouldn’t over the last month or so, way too much chocolate in Paris and after, too much wheat infested convenience foods at stations while waiting for trains, probably not drunk enough water, which has built to the point I seem to be at now, permanently tired, not to mention the shaking episodes during practice. 

Its time to take control again, so I have booked an appointment with the Colonic Nutritionist for Saturday morning in the hope of kick starting things before too much damage is done. I am hoping the treatment will have the same positive effect it had at the beginning of the year, which  after initially wiping me out and making me sleep as my body dealt with releasing the toxins, the day after I started to feel well again, like an imaginary weight had been lifted and it gave me the incentive to get back with the wheat freeish programme.


2 Responses to “Toxed-Need to restart the programme”

  1. susananda Says:

    Well hey, you’ve been getting the dropbacks EVEN THOUGH you haven’t been at your best. That’s good!

    I need to undertake some detoxing measures myself. Too lazy…

    Ten hours sleep… I feel groggy all day if I sleep that long. I call that over-sleeping. Everyone is different, but try getting by on seven. You could get up and practise in the morning!

  2. Globie Says:

    Perhaps after the treatment I will feel less listless and be more alert and awake and have more energy. I wish I could wake up and do practice in the morning, but its cold and dark and under my duvet its warm and cosy!

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