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After the awful practice on Tuesday evening I was wondering just where my practice was heading. Last night’s was much better, I did most of primary but only did a vinyasa between postures. My back was more flexible, though it neeed some warm ups before Urdva Dhanurasana, AC reminded me about the lifting the toes to walk in the hands, its hard to tell home alone, but it felt like I ended up in a deeper bend by doing that, why doing that helps I don’t know.

I got back on the dropback horse, I don’t want the fear or resistance to come back, though I still use the crash landing blanket, my head hasn’t hit the floor since Sunday, so the blanket is really something to try and use to aim my hands, it seems to work, the further up the blanket I can land my hands, the deeper the bend and the less chance of concussion.

My Kino DVD arrived, though I didn’t get around to looking at it, due to practice and trying to make this stupid, frigging Paypal thing work. I have mentally talked myself into going on Kino’s Thailand retreat and e-mailed in the registration form yesterday, I need to pay a deposit either by Bank transfer for which those Barclays wankers, ooops I mean Bankers are going to charge me a fortune for doing or via Paypal. I tried to set up Paypal, but it turns out my e-mail address has already been used, I vaguely remember using Paypal in the dim and distant past, but as to what my password or Login were, I havn’t got a clue, so I’m a bit stuck.


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  1. Maria Says:

    hey Kevin
    You going to Kino’s retreat on yoga thailand? lovely place… you’ll enjoy it. I’ve attended her work shops twice here in Dublin, and it was very insightful… Pay pal should be renamed Pain pal…. but one it is working it is great.. hope you locate the pass word!!

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Maria,

    Have you been to yoga thailand?

    I did Kino’s workshop in London, it was great. I tried to get on the one in Vienna next August (My birthday weekend and a bank holiday), but its sold out, then I saw the Thailand one.

    Pain Pal is about right!

  3. Helen Aldred Says:

    You should reset your password, try this link

  4. globie Says:

    Thanks Helen,

    It looks like I have managed to reset the thing.

    So as my Thai expert do you have any ideas of where I could spend the week after the workshop, I have been to Bangkok and northern Thailand quite a lot, but never the south and know nothing about it.

  5. Helen Aldred Says:

    Oh cool, I’m so excited for you. Depends what you want really beach or temples, etc. Easy to get to Angkor Wat from Thailand temples are amazing. Will be in London the next two weekends so maybe we can meet up at some point. Are you doing the other Swenson workshop.

  6. Flo Says:

    I would LOVE to go to Yoga Thailand. If you get to go I can’t wait to hear all about it!
    You can try to get your Paypal password reset. I’ve called them before and they were helpful.
    I sitll need to purchase the Intermediate DVD. Granted I do not intend to do 2nd series for some time. But it would be nice to have.
    And I am glad you didn’t let the resistance come back. I did after starting dropbacks and have yet to get the courage to try again.

  7. Maria Says:

    Hey Kevin.. yes i am a Yoga Thailand regular!! I try to get there every year/18 months – I did my teacher training there in 2003 in the “old” place.. Paul Dallaghan is my main teacher. the new place, the YT you see on the web now is only open one year. It is an amazing sanctuary. and GREAT food….. I was there in March, and I’m going in January 2010 for a two week retreat/training with Paul… and then onto Oz for a month!!! Whoo Hoo!! 🙂
    I would also highly recommend doing a retreat with Paul, but if you are tied into time and have done work with Kino before and are more comfortable with that, then go with Kino.

  8. Maria Says:

    oh ya, i would also recommend going to Angkor if you haven’t been. You can fly from BKK to siem reap….. Plus there are direct flights from both singapore and hong kong to samui daily with bangkok air –

  9. Globie Says:

    Thanks Helen,
    I have been to Angkor, but its an idea, though was thinking more about staying in southern Thailand for the second week, are any of the other islands worth a look?

    Hey Maria,
    That’s great to have a postive opinion of YT, I do want to practice with Kino, I really loved her workshop, the course looks good with practice in the mornings and more instructional workshop type studies in the afternoon.

  10. Helen Aldred Says:

    Where is the course, which island?

  11. Globie Says:

    Koh Samui

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