The bus is back, grrrrr

I just found out that on Sundays we have the dreaded rail replacement bus back until Christmas, meaning getting up in the dark, hoping the thing actually turns up and gets me into London in time for practice. I really thought we had done with this shit transport on Sunday’s, there were no signs up in the station over the last few weeks warning us, they have kept it quiet.

A very late, beginning at 9pm practice last night, an hour just to stretch through standing, a few seated forward bends and backbends including a dropback. To be honest my mind was elsewhere, working out the logistics of possibly doing Kino’s Thai retreat. It looks wonderful, but with the weak pound and the ever increasing taxes on flights it aint cheap.


2 Responses to “The bus is back, grrrrr”

  1. susananda Says:

    I’ve been looking at it too and drooling over it, thanks to you!! I wonder if it’s possible though…. I was looking for a yoga holiday at some point next year, just a week or so…… in theory I should be able to afford these things now….


  2. globie Says:

    Oh Susan, now I have put the idea in your head you are going to want it. Sunshine, yoga cheap massage. Travelbag phoned me to offer a £536 return fare of you are interested. I am still really really tempted to go.

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