A good treatment this morning, she described it as being like a treadmill for the bowel and colon! Things had not gone as far downhill as I feared, my peristaltic reflex has improved, though I still need to drink more water, what does she think I am a Camel + the sugar lumps have to go, so if anyone sees me with sugar lumps you know what to do! Apparently tea will not suffice, it has to be water, pure and simple, she mentioned fruit again, yeeeuuk, I may have to get back on the kids smoothies.

The treatment made me tired, but that’s the body detoxing, nothing to worry about, so I just came home and rested and got on the phone to try and find a reasonable flight to Koh Samui, alas since I was first tempted the prices have gone up over £250, its just becoming too expensive.

Late afternoon I did a very slow standing, just trying to stretch out and make space, though I did notice the front of my body seemed to have more length as I stretched upwards, surprisingly I managed some reasonable backbends, even though I wasn’t very warmed up and 2 dropbacks.

Early start tomorrow, that bus had better turn up on time.


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