High praise indeed.

The bus “eventually” got us to London after a detour through Camden, grrrr, so I had to get straight on the mat. Cary’s theme for the day this week seemed to be foot position in Upward dog and the chest coming forward more. She mostly left me alone until UHP, then OMG did she administer one of those sweat inducing adjustments, it’s brought me out in a cold sweat typing about it. Some poses are just excruciating for some body’s.

Despite having had to run through the tube thanks to the bus, I seemed to have more energy today, I notice it in seated doing all those jump backs, I can tell how well I am, by how long it takes my arms to give out. I managed to bind Mari D, then Cary came along and got me to let go in order to change my hand position, second side is a no goer at the minute with my knee playing up. Great adjustment in Baddha Konasana, she squashed me flat, I used to hate being adjusted in that pose, now I almost slow it down in the hope that help will arrive.

A couple of abortive Urdva Dhanurasanas, before I managed to rise up for 3 and walk in, though engaging my abdominal muscles after yesterday was hard going. I then played around going back as far as I dared without crossing the tipping point as Cary had told me to wait for her this week for full dropbacks. I was brought back to the present when C. next to me, crashed into the Dehumidifier!

Then it was time, I had my crash blanket in place, Cary told me to go for it while she was squishing C. after her dropbacks. I did a couple more on my own as she helped Susan, managing one which seemed a really good one, which got me a well done and a big smile from both of them. Then it was time to do them with her, if my mat was 4 inches wider I would have this done, I seem to either get to the tipping point with control and can almost hang a smidge longer and aim my hands or some like todays where I get to the tipping point, my feet start losing the plot and my hands just have to land somewhere before my head does. But every week I am getting more control, more confidence, what seemed like a pipe dream or just for the “Bendy Wendys” at the start of the year is now a reality, even if I lack Susan and Kristen’s control.

A good practice, well it made me happy at least and as I was changing Cary came in to congratulate me on my hard work and progress, can’t remember her ever doing that before, at least she left me with a warm glow, she recognises that teaching can take you only so far, the rest is down to the student’s hard work. After practice brekky with Mel, good to meet you at last, so glad you finally made it to the Shala.


4 Responses to “High praise indeed.”

  1. daydreamingmel Says:

    Great to meet you too! And my teachers in India always said that it breaks down to 25% the teacher, 25% the group dynamic, 25% the student’s effort…never can remember the last quarter but you get the jist, all things are equal!
    And now I’ve been once, I will definitely be back. Thank you so much for being one of those advocates who got me there in the first place.

  2. Globie Says:

    25% is the tea and croissants to fuel practice!

    Only did for you what Susan did for me, she got me to YP.

  3. Helen Says:

    Hi Kevin, Glad you made it. Sounds like a great practice. Thought of your blog today as I was actually cold in AYL (by the window). My hands were still freezing after the 9th surya so I moved, after that the oven lived up to it’s name.

  4. globie Says:

    Hi Helen, cold at AYL! Glad you found a warmer spot.

    It was a good practice today, when I have less time, like today thanks to the bus, I do seem to focus and get on with it, though glad they don’t chuck us out on the dot at 10am.

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