Typical Monday

After such a lovely Sunday, good practice, good energy, good company etc, it’s back to reality on Monday. 8 hours of crap at that place, then drag my stiff body home to my mat. I seem to give so much energy to Sunday practice, that Monday practice doesn’t seem to happen. I have stopped trying to do a complete practice on Mondays, settling for half Primary and some backbends instead of setting myself up for a fall, both mental and sometimes physical. So I crawled through to Mari A, but I wasn’t warm enough, its been a cold day and my house was cold. I am still determined however not to leave my mat without doing a dropback or two, so after a couple of UD’s and some warm ups I managed 3 fairly controlled dropbacks 🙂

Its becoming more obvious than ever that my yoga practice is taking precedence in my thoughts and life, it felt far more meaning full when Cary congratulated me on the progress of my practice yesterday, than it did today from a comment about some piece of work or other I did. Yoga makes me happy, work just pisses me off, even when it does go right you know something is gonna go tits up sometime soon.

I found Kino Podcasts today (should have been working, but am beyond caring), a nice thing to have on in the background while I’m on my PC at home, in the one I just listened to she was talking about the length of Guruji’s life and how he was born at a time when India had no electricity to seeing himself on an I-Pod at the end of his life. What amazing changes he saw in his lifetime. Kino makes me laugh as she does an imitation indian accent. Kino is like Dena, in that I love listening to her talk about yoga. I am now downloading all the podcasts, so I can listen to them when I fly to Singapore in 4 weeks time.


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