Doing the Math & justifying it!

I know I said that the Thailand retreat thing was tooooo expensive, but I just keep on looking at it, trying all the flight company’s to find an economic way of making it happen. Over the weekend I had abandoned the idea and thought about doing Kino’s weekend in Edinburgh in March instead, but by the time I have paid for the workshop, transport up there, accommodation and food, there wont be much change out of £400. For another £150 I can fly to Thailand, though of course the workshop and accommodation costs need adding on. I really really want to go and do Kino’s retreat in the sunshine and am desperately trying to justify the expense. What to do????

Practice on Tuesday’s always seems to be good of late, full primary last night was pretty bendy with the central heating turned on. I was getting tired towards the end, but still managed some decent UD’s and 3 dropbacks. It’s doing the first one that is hard, once I have done one, then the 2nd and 3rd are far less stressful. I am trying to get in plenty of practice this week with the workshop on Saturday, that will be fun. I watched Kino’s dvd last night to find out what happens after Laghu Vajrasana, ye right….


19 Responses to “Doing the Math & justifying it!”

  1. daydreamingmel Says:

    I like your thinking! Put it this way though – if it’s about ‘value’ for money, my trip to Purple Valley in Goa for 2 weeks with full board and flights works out the same sort of price as Yoga Thailand for 1 week, so it does seem expensive (and last year Kino was there!! not this year though unfortunately). But if it’s about studying with Kino, and only Kino will do, then I say just do it, life’s too short 😉 And definitely Thailand beats scotland…
    But I find if I’m starting to justify expenses to myself it’s too late, I’m already going to end up going…so for my trip to India I’m taking into account the money I ‘save’ not buying 2 weeks London travelcard, yoga classes, food, etc etc – so it’s practically paying for itself!!

  2. globie Says:

    Hi mel,

    Its not a case of Kino and only Kino, but I wouldn’t have considered going to Yoga Thailand if it wasn’t for Kino being there. I enjoyed her 3 day workshop in London this year and got a lot from it and would like to study with her for longer. She’s one of the teachers like Cary and Dena who have a way of teaching, that makes the practice more accessible to me.

    I am really just trying to put off the inevitable, I can see me just doing the deed and financially repenting at leisure or in Savasana. Though thanks for reminding me to take into account what I will save in train tickets to London and dropin costs at YP, food etc, so there’s another £100, god I am almost there, just another mental fifty quid to drum up and I will have paid for the flight!

  3. arturo Says:

    hi Kevin
    Kino in Thailand. did you say the workshop in Thailand was a longer period? i would agree that she is a teacher that would make the practice more accessible to you and the longer period would help towards that.

  4. globie Says:

    Hi Arturo,

    Kino’s in Thailand 25 April – 1st May, its actually 6 days of practice, which is why I am umming and aaaahing about going, its a long way and a lot of money for 6 days.

    I almost did it at lunchtime but Paypal objected to my CC for some reason, I do wonder if someone is trying to tell me something, maybe its just not meant to be.

  5. daydreamingmel Says:

    I often think that when emails won’t send/payments don’t get through – maybe it’s a message to hold off! I agree it’s a lot of money for 6 days practice, but I can see it both ways. You should take a look at Purple Valley schedule (no I don’t work for them!!) just in case anything jumps out at you. Petri Rainsenan is meant to be a phenomenal teacher (if you can cope with all the Finnish girl-fans!) he is doing 2 retreats there this season but gets booked up as he is very popular. From what I have heard about him he is very definitely on my “want to study with” list – along with Kino of course 🙂
    p.s. or save the money for your mysore fund!

  6. globie Says:

    hi Mel,

    I was looking at Purple Valley at lunchtime, its about the same money for 2 weeks as opposed to 1. Though I wonder how the flight prices compare.

    I hadn’t intended to do any long distance trips in 2010 to help with the Mysore plan. But then I saw Kino’s retreat! Until the Company deign to tell us when they are moving, I can’t make any definite plans, it was supposed to be September 2010, but its all gone quiet and they havn’t started building it. Its Limbo time, I just want to get under the bar and get out!

  7. daydreamingmel Says:

    Yes that was my point really, 2 weeks for the price of one – I can’t say for later in the year but I think generally flghts are a bit cheaper. Oh I was forgetting though that you already went to Goa last christmas so it might seem rather less appealing!
    It’s so hard to resist all of these things isn’t it, I can’t belive I’m going back 9 months after my first trip and have a wish-list as long as your arm – trying to remember the ‘being present’ bit of yoga but it’s hard!

  8. globie Says:

    I enjoyed Goa, but it feels like been there, done that, to be honest. If Kino had been going there maybe I would have thought about it. There’s the visa hassle of India as well.

    Although there are lots of retreats and workshops available, I am quite picky about the ones I do nowadays. In the last 3 years its been Dena and Kino, apart from one in Turkey last year.

  9. Flo Says:

    I agree with daydreamingmel.
    However keep in mind she does a 2 week Ashtanga Course in Miami as well.
    And she does week long mysore practices with only 15 students at a time. I had to sign up for next year 1 year in advance.
    So I will see her in November 2010 in Miami. So you may want to check into that as well.

  10. globie Says:

    Hi Flo,

    I’ll have to get a new passport to enter the US, there are things in there that would get me a free ride to Guantanamo Bay, yoga in Cuba! It is something to look into though. I did see a 2 week thing on her website, but with the dire state of the pound its very expensive just now for us, then there’s flights and hotels on top.

    Yoga is the best thing I do for myself both mentally and physically, so I never feel like its a waste of money, but there’s only so much in the kitty for things like that.

  11. susananda Says:

    Ohhh, I’m so on the verge of doing it too… but then there’s purple valley too… I’ve never been to Asia except a week in Seoul for the olympics when I was 20 and then straight back home to uni! Also apart from family visits to Canada and the odd weekend in a european city, I haven’t had a holiday away since my two-week TT in the south of France six years ago… and before that, ???? How many years since I’ve seen a proper beach?

    Haven’t even dared tot up my finances or look into flights yet.

    I am going to do something this year, that is for sure, and yoga and sunshine are both going to be involved.

  12. Maria Says:

    Hey kevin
    Did you decide on whither to go to YT or not?
    €690 is a lot for one week…. plus to go that distance for just one week….
    But I guess if you feel Kino is the teacher you want, then, it could be worth it. The place itself is definately fab, but I am biased 🙂
    I practise on my own most of the time here in Dublin so I guess i justify spending the cash on going to Thailand to practise and train with Paul, as I dont have shala fees etc etc…
    importnat thing is not to beat yourself up, no matter what decision you make… just go with it 🙂

  13. arturo Says:

    regarding Miami, and Miami Beach specifically, since that is where the yoga shala is located, i could offer ideas to keep costs down. i lived there 4 years and it’s where i started my yoga practice in earnest. there are hostels and there are budget hotels and you might even be able to find a temporary roomate situation during the two weeks there. you can eat at whole foods or in the cuban restaurants at least once daily, and shop at the grocery store or weekly organic market for your other meals. i don’t think it would be an expensive trip for you. and besides, the euro tends to buy you things at almost half price when you visit the US. at least it was so 9 months ago, when the Europeans would wisper to each other in San Fran, “now remember, everything is half price!”. they came to visit in bunches like bananas.

  14. globie Says:

    Hi Maria,

    I still cant make my mind up, its just a lot of money for 6 days practice, its not even so much the cost of the workshop as it includes accommodation and food, but the flights are expensive and its a long way for such a relatively short workshop. I have been on the point of pressing the button to go, but Paypal said “NO” to the transaction. Paypal is trying to save me from myself!

    I practice home alone most of the time, I only get to the Shala on Sundays and occassionally Saturday’s. Don’t you have a Shala in Dublin?

  15. Maria Says:

    Yes there is a shala with a regular mysore programme.
    However I’ve been trying to cut back on spending as much as possible to save for this trip in the new year.
    I go the odd sunday if i’m Dublin for the weekend, as much to be in a shala for the energy it can give to ur practise, as to meet up with the other yogi’s. There is a tight ashtanga community here, its small, but supportive…. 🙂
    Also, and its slightly more delicate… there is a slight personality clash with the guy who is leading the programme. lets just say there have been a few incidents where I’ve been … uh… no, … dont like what you’re saying here…… or where he’s acually been overtly dismissive of students in front of other people in the shala…. Maybe I’m being overly sensitive, but the practise is difficult enough. I dont need that extra stress at 6am in teh morning BEFORE I head into a job thet is really full on….

    Rant over

    I liked the idea of Miami. I actually toyed with that idea a couple of years ago to see what Kino’s place is like. If you’ve time and can afford it, that could be a really good option too, plus its much closer in terms of distance. Ok so you have to get ur food and accommodation, but tehre are some budget options available – the Clatyton Hostel it hink is one place that I remember as having good deals. Pus flight prices to Miami would be much more competitive.

    If ur gonna go to YT, I would say go do a two week retreat there, as at least the travel time is somewhatj ustified by the length of time you’d be “in -country” so to speak….
    Like I said whatever you do dont feel guilty baout the decision you take!!

  16. globie Says:

    Hi Maria,

    I would hate to practice at a Shala with an “atmosphere” like that, can quite understand your reticence in staying away. I find going to the Shala every Sunday gives me the impetus to practice during the week at home.

    Our Shala is fortunatley full of nice people who are very friendly and who make for a wonderful shared energy, also a couple of wonderful teachers who would never be dismisive and make time for all of us.

    I do quite like the idea of Miami one day. If there had been a space on Kino’s workshop in Vienna, which was Plan A, then I would not of got into this should I, shouldn’t I go to Thailand dilemna, after I found that was full I started casting around for something else. I will go and do practice somewhere this year, maybe it will be with Dena again, no bad thing and maybe Kino when she comes to London.

  17. susananda Says:

    I’m still mulling it over…

    The problem of it being so short is easily solved by taking a few days of pure holiday at a neighbouring island either before or after… self-practice on the beach and chilling (Ko Panang I think is supposed to be stunning)…

    Just the idea that such a thing is now possible for me is very exciting!

  18. Globie Says:


    I am so on the verge of doing it too. Koh Phangang is apparently a bit of a party place, I prefer quite nowadays. I could end up doing it this weekend, extending it for a few days would be nice.

  19. Yoga retreat in goa Says:

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