End of dithering, I’m going to Kino in Thailand :-)

I held off publishing this post until I woke up this morning to find all the confirmation e-mails in my Inbox and my brain still saying its a great idea.

I woke way early this morning thanks to a travel alarm clock I had long forgotten I posessed going mental in the cupboard, I managed to find it and turn it off, but the thing kept going off and I couldn’t work out how to shut it up, so I buried it in the sock drawer, by which time I was awake!

Well Mel was right when she left the comment the other day that when you do the math to justify the expense, its only a matter of time until you get off the fence and press the “pay” button.

Well it’s done, I’m going to practice with Kino in sunny Thailand, I booked a flight that leaves 3 days before the retreat starts and departing 2 days after it finishes, so I get some R&R on either end with 6 days yoga in the middle. Paypal condescended to finally allow my credit card to pay the deposit, so I’m all set.

Early train to London, though not quite as early as Helen’s for the David Swenson intro to 2nd series workshop at TY. I found the part up to Kapotasana useful and interesting in as much that some of the things may help me in my quest to stand up from dropback. Pulling the knees inwards when you come up from Ustrasana and Laghu Vajrasana seems to engage areas that would otherwise be passengers. We did Laghu Vajrasana with 2 methods, having the arms straight with hands around legs above the ankles, thumbs on the inside, sliding the hands up to keep the arms straight as we went to the floor and 2nd method of holding the fronts of the legs. We did Supta Vajrasana in pairs. I discovered that with a bit of coaxing I can do Eka Pada LBH on each side, but not at the same time. David mentioned that when jumping into Bakasana, that the head should remain low and that you get more control if the feet come together as you jump, hopefully avoiding face splat! This really was an intro to what is to come, David said the only way t learn it is in a Mysore style environment a posture at a time. Most of it beyond Kapotasana looks light years away to me, that’s presuming I ever learn to stand up, though I can actually do Nakrasana.

I’m tired, but it was a good morning, I just hope the bus comes tomorrow and I get to practice at YP.

5 Responses to “End of dithering, I’m going to Kino in Thailand :-)”

  1. Helen Says:

    Cool, good for you, interesting to see we noted different things from the same workshop. I always think you need time to consolidate workshop info into your practice. Your post will help me to do that, thanks, see you tomorrow.

  2. daydreamingmel Says:

    Yay!!!! Great news Kevin! Look forward to hearing all about the workshop tomorrow, we got the tip about pulling the knees inwards too, helped when we did our very assisted dropbacks!! Planning on coming in the morning, will see how i feel when i wake up though – if I’m not at practice I’ll text you and come meet you two afterwards for a debrief 🙂

  3. Kevin Says:

    Mel i plan to go to YP, but if the bus is late i will go to AYL. either way will meet Helen after,so hope to see you at YP or later then for brekky at Euston

  4. Flo Says:

    Great news!!! So happy and can’t wait to hear all about it.

  5. Maria Says:


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