When it comes together

Despite the crack of dawn bus ride, through a hail storm in Harrow where a whole street of car alarms had been set off, I had one of those rare practices today when my mind is in it and my body is on it. I was largely left alone today, even though we had both Cary and Denise adjusting. No excruciating adjustments in either Prasarita C or UHP, so I had energy for seated and all those vinyasas. Sometimes when I do 2 days in a row at the Shala, by day 2 all the travelling as well as the practice leave me tired, but I think yesterday’s workshop, although challenging was not overly physically hard and it opened me up for my usual plod through Primary this morning.

First adjustment came in Triang Mukha and advice about how I enter and bind my hands, reaching beyond my feet is quite recent, so I presume I have now been doing it long enough to do it properly. Denise administered a nice assist in Mari C, which I am sure helped with managing to bind both sides of Mari D on  my own, for the first time in a while what with my reticent right knee. Supta K rocked today, although I have gotten used to doing that on my own now, its still a posture I enjoy, though its buzz of joy has now moved elsewhere.

The first Urdva Dhanurasana was hard and it started going through my mind that if I can’t do UD what hope for a dropback, but after re-setting myself I managed 3 more with walking the hands in to deepen the bend, which gave me the confidence to stand up and start playing dropbacks. Nobody seemed to be interested in coming to help (unbeknown to me they were watching from afar), so after a few hang backs I decided to just go for it and did 4 with safe touchdowns on my own, then Denise arrived with Cary watching from a couple of mats away, she let me go down on my own, but made me bring my feet back onto the mat, it just doesnt feel wide enough, then helped me back up. I need to get used to Denise’ technique for bringing me up, I almost crashed back down when she was rocking and I thought we were coming up and I also forgot the knee pulling in thing from yesterday. But it was 7 dropback day! Cary came over after to say my backbends have progressed a lot in the last 2 months and that standing is just a matter of time, though I have to say it doesn’t feel like it.

But it was a practice when it all came together, my hamstrings have gained the inch they seemed to have lost, I bound all the Marichyasanas, Supta K and did dropbacks on my own.

After practice off to Euston with Mel to meet Helen for a yogi’s brekky at Pret that lasted 3 hours, well it was chucking it down, though I did wonder what some of the other clientelle thought was happening when we were doing mini Bhujapidasana entry demo’s for Mel! I do enjoy yoga socialising after practice.

A day off from the Labour Camp tomorrow to recover from the busy weekend.


2 Responses to “When it comes together”

  1. daydreamingmel Says:

    Surely I don’t have more to say after a 3 hour debrief!! Only that I felt like I was mostly left alone today too, I think they spent more time observing and discussing than adjusting today – which was posibly just as well! Good work on your dropbacks today, have a nice day off tomorrow (think I need one too!)

  2. globie Says:

    Hi mel,

    Its funny thethings that come to mind about practice hours later. Yes I think Cary was giving Denise the lowdown on where people are in their practice and what they need help with, it felt like she had given Denise instructions and then sent her over! Doing dropbacks on my own is an amazing feeling. First day off in a while, need sleep.

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