The secret home practice

As well as doing Bhuja demo’s for the benefit of Mel and the other Pret patrons on Sunday, we talked about how we have one practice for the Shala, the official “given” one, going up to where we are supposed to and the secret one we do at home, where we try all those poses we think we can do and in some cases can do, but havn’t been given yet officially by our teachers.

Last night I planned to just do my “given” Primary series practice, but when I’d done Setu Bandhasana I just had this urge to do more before closing, so carried into 2nd up to Laghu Vajrasana, which was fun and also helps open up my back for Urdva Dhanurasana and 3 dropbacks. I also tried Helen’s suggestion of rather than getting frustrated with trying to then stand up, to try instead rocking between my hands and feet, though couldn’t remember if my toes or heels are supposed to lift??

So from having planned a swift 90 minute Primary I ended up doing over 2 1/4 hours of practice, but it felt good, though my hamstrings and knee are a bit stiff this morning.

At least doing practice meant I wasn’t online continuing my yoga spending splurge of the last few days, what with Kino’s DVD, Swenson Workshop, booking my flights for Kino in Thailand, paying my depsoit for the Kino workshop, Ashtanga, NY dvd recommended by Mel and supporting the Pendant for the children charity over on Tracey’s blog, I have yogically battered my plastic friends rather a lot of late.

Moon day today, have a good one!


8 Responses to “The secret home practice”

  1. Helen Aldred Says:

    Illegal, poses! I’m shocked. Some people lift the heels coming up, but keep the feet grounded. How did it go? At least I didn’t demonstrate that in pret!

  2. globie Says:

    Terrible Ustrasana habit I seem to have!

    My heels did lift, but didn’t know if they were supposed to, as if/when I eventually do stand up I obviously need to ground into them, so didn’t know if I was creating a habit that will make it harder as I get nearer.

  3. Helen Aldred Says:

    I do not think it will make it harder but you will have to correct it later so I would not lift them and this will open the back up more.

  4. globie Says:

    Ok will try and keep them grounded tonight.

    Ye I know moon day, but after 8 hours sitting in this chair looking at a screen I just gotta stretch!

  5. Helen Aldred Says:

    The Ashtanga police are going to be doing a raid any moment, illegal poses, moon day practice OMG! Well, me too (whoops!) was given ustrasana Monday though. 🙂

  6. globie Says:

    Nee Nah nee nah, too late here they come!

    Congrats on getting Ustrasana, you are making steady progress, you will soon be getting to the tricky ones!

  7. susie Says:

    You’ll love the Ashtanga NY dvd – it’s wonderful! And what Kino workshop in Thailand? I’m planning a trip to the UK for around next September and want to find some workshop(s) in Bali or Thailand for on the way back. I know it’s a bit early, but … 🙂

  8. Globie Says:

    Hi Susie,

    Kino is at Yoga Thailand last week of April for a week. She is in London first weekend in September according to her website. You can drop in at YP or AYL in London if you just want to practice.

    I’m loking forward to the Ashtnaga,NY dvd, I had forgotten about it until Mel mentioned it on Sunday.

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