All seeing Cary-Cam

I had a strange feeling of being watched last night as I went through a stiff Primary series, Moon days and sitting in this office chair do my hamstrings and back no good at all. It may have been an article I read in the paper the other day about a Mother who has told her kids that “Santa-Cam” is for real and watching their every move, so that even if she doesn’t spot their misdemeanors Santa Cam does and will remove a present from their Christmas wish list for each transgression!

So we come to “Cary-Cam“, I was suddenly remembering things like the arm position in Parvakonasana, engaging the thighs in the Prasarita’s, deepening the lunge in the warriors, all the things that she usually picks me up on. Even from afar she seems to have power over my practice, I seem to sense her presence, at the Shala my thigh often engages before I realise she is behind me, its the strangest thing. So like the kids I believe Cary Cam is watching me, what’s worrying me is the penalty for the Ustrasanas I sneaked in!

Double practice this weekend, TLC in the morning and YP on Sunday, though this bus journey is starting to tire me. I think it says it all though, that when I got asked if I was going to the company Christmas dinner on Saturday night, I said “Nononono”, I would rather get up at 5am, spend 2 hours travelling, then 2 hours doing what we do. Let me outta here!


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