Losing another one

Practice at TLC with Michaela this morning was slightly saddened by the news that she is leaving London for pastures new, following her dream and her heart to Devon. Good luck to her, she’s at least got the nerve to follow through on making her dreams into reality, making it happen, publication can’t be far away. I have enjoyed doing practice with her once a month for the last couple of years, her lasting legacy will be helping me to find that elusive Ujayi breath. She teaches with humour, but is never the less true to the practice and is still the undeposed, in my eyes, Paschimottanasana squishing champion of London.

Practice was good, lots of assists as there were only 3 of us there this morning, where are they all? Prasarita C, then UHP, her UHP assist is soft and allows me release into it a little, rather than my hamstring screaming and demanding to know how much longer this torture is going to last.

Seated had a nice flow, help with Triang Mukha, binding all the Marichyasanas on my own, a lovely assist in Supta K, closing seemed to come round far more quickly than expected. Assisted Urdva Dhanurasanas, allowing me to straighten my arms, before doing 4 dropbacks on my own, I’ve really got to work out this standing up thing. The trouble with backbends coming where they do in the sequence, is that I am knackered when I get there, and it still takes what’s left of my energy to control the dropbacks. A nice squishing after though 🙂

One of the best things with the Saturday practice is being able to have a decent Savasana, no need to clock watch, completely able to let go.

I hope they find someone to replace Michaela, TLC on a Saturday has been a good mysore option, I’ll miss her, I seem to be good at losing good teachers.


3 Responses to “Losing another one”

  1. openingslowly Says:

    you’re quite good at finding good ones too 😉

  2. Pat Says:

    It’s always so sad to lose a teacher. But when one door closes, another usually opens. And the people of Devon will have much to gain, as I know from Joey moving to Leeds. It is the journey…..

  3. globie Says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I just hope TLC deem the numbers enough to get someone else, its fluctuated between 10 and 2.

    Hi Pat,
    yes the people of Devon are getting an exceptionally gifted teacher, its not really fair to have all the good ones in London I suppose, though it would be good if one moved out here so I didnt have to slog into London!

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