No let up

I was a bit stressed and out of breath when I finally got to the Shala this morning, I had been stuck on the tube for 30 frustrating minutes, legged it through the rain, but still ended up being only the 2nd person to arrive, Mel got the gold medal.

I had mentally decided that I would just plod through Primary today, taking it easy, but oh no, Cary may be on holiday, but there is certainly no holiday for the students she has left behind, Susan was soon adjusting and keeping us (me), with the programme, if I thought I was having an easy morning that soon disappeared. I ended up having one of the fastest practices I have had in ages. Her Prasarita C and UHP adjustments are more gentle though, allowing the body to release into them when its ready, my right hip did find a little extra space.

Triang Mukha assist was nice, before, for the second day running I managed to bind all the Mari’s on my own. Now I no longer worry whether I bind the Mari’s on not, I seem to be able to do them. She let me do Supta K on my own, before returning to assist with Baddha Konasana, love that squish, oh and there was the toe in the lower back to remind me to engage more in Navasana!

I was tired by closing, 2 days of very early morning trains and buses, a lack of sleep (only 5 hours last night) and a lot of yoga over 2 days had worn me out. I did think about leaving out dropbacks as my back didn’t feel very bendy in Urdva Dhanurasana, I had done 2 and was pushing up into number 3 when Susan arrived to give an assist I havn’t had in a long time, telling me to straighten my arms, I don’t know if she felt it, but after about 3 breaths my back suddenly relaxed and I got the feeling of a deeper bend, at which point I decided to re-instate dropbacks. First one I landed ok, second one was touch and go with my head, Susan told me I need to reach for the floor, especially with the left hand which is landing further back than the right. I then did some assisted dropbacks, trying to keep the palms together going back in the hope of opening my shoulders. Coming back up seems as far away as ever.

No let up in closing as she got me to engage the sitting bones more in Urdva Padmassana, I didn’t appreciate how much I was sinking down until she did that.

A good practice in the end which Susan stopped being just a plod through into a practice with energy and focus, we are so lucky to have such high calibre teachers like Susan to stand in when Cary is away.

Yogi brunch with Mel after, this is becoming a nice habit I have to say, yoga is giving me an unexpected social life of late what with Dinners and brunches.


6 Responses to “No let up”

  1. donutszenmom Says:

    🙂 It’s so easy for me to imagine all of this, now that I’ve been there & met you! Sounds like a great day.

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Karen,

    So was anything like how you imagined it would be?

    It was a nice practice and nice day.

  3. karen Says:

    Actually all of it was how I imagined and none of it was how I imagined! Funny how that is. Any details I might have imagined (what YP or you or Angeline or Susan looked like, for example) wasn’t correct. But everyone’s energy was EXACTLY as I might have imagined. So it’s a combination of totally new and absolutely familiar. 🙂

    One thing, I must add: your sense of humor doesn’t quite come through as strongly on your blog. I hadn’t quite imagined how good-humored you are.

  4. globie Says:

    Hi Karen,

    I suppose you can’t help but assemble a mental picture of places and people when you read blogs like ours. It was the same for me when I went to Dena’s Shala in OZ, I already had met some of the people, but the Shala was a wonderful surprise.

    I don’t know about the sense of humour, though it probably comes out more in an environment I enjoy being in, like with other yogis, I’ll have to try ans work on that when I write.

  5. karen Says:

    Definitely don’t mean it as a criticism of your writing — more that you strongly embody a really lovely energy that probably can’t be expressed through words!

  6. globie Says:

    Thanks Karen, I knew no criticism was implied.

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