Monday on a Tuesday

Usually it’s Monday practice that is crap and stiff, but last night I did a half Primary and loads of backbends and 3 dropbacks which all felt good, but a bit surprised that I had done that practice, especially after a double shala weekend.

My bubble was burst tonight though, when my intention to do a full Primary fell flat thanks to being tired and for some reason having a really uncomfortable left Hamstring, where that’s come from I am not sure. I spent 45 minutes getting to Marichyasana A and just thought this is rubbish, so decided to stop. The Hamstring is really annoying, I have been sitting on my spiky massage ball at work half the day, but I’m not sure if that hasn’t made it worse. Think I’ll take tomorrow off to give the hamstring a break and everything else a rest.

I have finally gotten round to reading the book I won by Lucy Edge, which was waiting on the doormat when I got back from Australia. It has been a lot of fun reading a book, actually knowing the author and the identities of the characters  in real life, even though the names have been changed in the book, to anyone who knows them, it’s fairly obvious who the “Bad Ladies” are in real life. And then I came to the part of the book where Lucy talks about the Claire Missingham workshop in Norwich that I took part in and blogged about here. She obviously enjoyed the workshop as much as I did, but its quite surreal to read a description of an event I attended in a book.

I got my tickets for my holiday today, 9 more working days to go, the single digit countdown, never mind Advent calenders, I think I’ll get 9 of the mini bars of Green & Blacks and eat one every day!


7 Responses to “Monday on a Tuesday”

  1. susie Says:

    where are you going on your holiday? Somewhere warm? (Not Australia – it’s far too hot at the moment!!)

  2. skippetty Says:

    Hi Globie! 9 mini bars of Green & Blacks a day until you leave sounds like a fine plan. Much better quality than those advent calendar chocolates anyways! ;p

  3. skippetty Says:

    PS. Susie – which part of Oz are you in? I’m in Sydney and it’s been WEIRD weather – one day it’s freezing and the next it’s hot. Today, it’s decided that it would LOOK hot outside, but is about 21 degrees. Pffft!

  4. Globie Says:

    I meant one mini bar a day, not 9 a day!

    Off to Singapore, for some sunshine, so half way to OZ

  5. Clare Says:

    Yes, I found the identities easy to work out, as would anyone in the ‘yoga scene’, I expect!

  6. skippetty Says:

    I’m originally from Singapore! Happy eating & shopping. 🙂

    If you’re looking to practice ashtanga there, James Figueira’s your guy.

    Or Denise Ng

    They were both my teachers when I was starting out back home. James has probably forgotten who I am, but I still keep in contact with Denise. they’re both very good. 🙂

  7. Caroline Scott Says:

    Would love to read the book, I really enjoyed Yoga School Dropout. Wish it was available on Kindle!!!

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