What’s with my hamstrings?

Both my Hamstrings have now shrunk, or so it seems, I can barely get head to knee after 10 sun salutations. I think its a culmination of all the Triang Mukha and UHP adjustments of the last few weeks, plus doing practice in a cold house some evenings.

I did however plough through a slow full Primary last night, though it seems to be not only my hamstrings, but also hips and knees that have lost last weekends openness, Mari D was no way on either side, oh well, they come they go and hopefully they will come back. My lack of forward bending ability meant Supta K was a shadow of what it can be and what I have begun to expect, even without adjustment.

Backbends are strange, after Cristina sorted out my left side, the niggle is now in the right side of my lower back, still managed my UD’s and 2 dropbacks, though my left wrist is becoming irritated. Its because my left still lands too far back, due to the lack of rotation in the shoulder. Susan tried to correct this last Sunday, now that I have more control she had me keep my hands in prayer with straight arms for as long as I could before going for the floor.

My last 5 day week of the year is nearly done, just 6 more days of slavery to survive until I escape to the sunshine.


3 Responses to “What’s with my hamstrings?”

  1. daydreamingmel Says:

    Did you read Grimmly’s post (and the comments) about Epsom salts? Might be worth a try pre-practice if your house is cold! I’m sure your muscles haven’t actually shrunk, if you’re anything like me you’re probably knackered in that accumulated-December-tired way that is only cured by a good holiday!

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Mel,

    Think you are right about December, tho I think I’ve been winding down since November. There’s too much to do, squeezing a months worth of work into 2 and a bit weeks, then too much to do at home and trying to fit in practice. Need a holiday 🙂

  3. Maria Says:

    ya, I’ve started taking a hot shower before practise, especially now this time of year when its so cold 🙂 It really helps…

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