Backing off, then stopping to kill a Banker!

I shopped then came home to practice, my hamstrings are a joke, I really have no idea why they are sooooo tight, its ridiculous. I took it really slowly, forward bends are not happening, though the Trikonasanas are not so bad, Prasaritas are painful, I had just done a bent leg UHP when the Postman rang the doorbell. He delivered a letter from Barclays, saying the bastards had bounced a cheque, when the funds were in there and charged me for this “service”.

Yogic thoughts left my body as I got on the phone and ripped into them, being passed from one Muppet to another, until I eventually got some higher up Muppet who was no doubt busy counting his undeserved and soon to be taxed 25K bonus (What planet are these Tosseres on, some of us would like to get 25k in the first place for putting up with 40 hours of shit, never mind get it as a bonus). He had to admit they had ****ed up, that the money was in there all the time and they shouldn’t have bounced it. I then had to ring the payee to try and get them to represent the cheque, but the scumbags at Barclays had made the cheque null and void and unrepresentable. This is going to cause me a big problem, which I am going to have to spend my day off on Monday dealing with, rather than being able to enjoy a day of, give Bankers a bonus, I would like to hang the ****ing lot of them from the Lamp posts on Threadneedle Street.


6 Responses to “Backing off, then stopping to kill a Banker!”

  1. susananda Says:

    If it’s any consolation, I can assure you that the admin twat who caused this error will NOT be one of the ones on a £25k bonus 🙂

  2. arturo Says:

    hi Kevin, i have similar feelings for my HK bank, which was, cough, established with banking rules of the Brits. i have resorted to starting to tell the representatives each time i call that they are part of my spiritual practice because it takes a lot of control for me not to get angry. they have weird hours, innumerable paperwork to fill, etc. every time i request something, it has to be by courier. i typically do it twice because invariably something was wrong the first time – a number missing, a page missing, not signing on the right line, etc. i now only respond to their requests for filling out papers with an assistant on the phone to tell me every line i need to fill. i repeat each entry to them, including where to put the date. sorry to take your bandwidth, but it is a big pet peeve how difficult HK banks are. my welcome experience was having my funds unavailable for 2 months while a security device which was held up in customs would arrive. they refused to send it by courier, only by regular mail, because, they said, the device was sent automatically, as if a robot did it and a human could not intercept it to place it in a courier service. bla bla. again sorry. i could write a journal entry but it would just be a rant. and i am not supposed to criticize. cough.

  3. V Says:

    Universal bank bashing is not the answer – do what I did: leave Barclays. After a similar experience, I put a formal complaint in and then I went to Nationwide and I’ve never been happier.

    I once did a month of work in an IT helpline and first let me tell you, they don’t make a lot of money at all. Secondly, even their pee breaks are rationed. And finally, they get a lot of abuse from customers. How would you like being called a Muppet? I certainly wouldn’t, particularly for someone else’s mistake.

  4. globie Says:

    I would love to leave Barclay’s, but my mortgage is with them and all the hassle and expense of moving that involves, plus getting wages paid elswehere is a nightmare. Ironically its partly Nationwide’s fault, as I couldnt get the cheque from them because they had a security alert, so had to write a personal cheque. How do you make a formal complaint against them?

    It must be how they are trained, as the first 2 people both said it was my fault and there was nothing they could do and tried hard to fob me of, even though I could prove my case, if they had bothered to even look properly they would see, but they didnt want to know, which really pissed me off, I didn’t give them any personal abuse, but they certainly know what I think of being fobbed off and their attitude towards me, who pays bank charges and their wages, however small they are, they are no doubt getting more than I do, I just got the feeling they wanted rid of me.

    It was only because I demanded to talk to someone higher up the food chain who looked at the account and immediately admitted the IT Openplan system was totally at fault. He said there should be redress for my loss, but when I told him what it was going to cost me, he backed off completely telling me there was no way. I demanded to go higher, but he wouldnt let me.

    Ironically I am a share holder of this abysmal institution. I am getting to the point that I don’t actually trust any of the Banks, they are all out to rip off those of us at the bottom of the food chain.

  5. V Says:

    The Financial Services Ombudsman is your friend.

  6. globie Says:

    Thanks V, I’ll see what happens tomorrow, then get in touch with Mr Ombudsman, presume he has a website.

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