Pendants for the Children

Some more post has improved the afternoon no end. My Practice for the Children Pendant arrived from the USA, wrapped carefully in its little box. These Pendants are raising lots of money for the children in Mysore. On one side is Guruji’s mantra “Do your practice and all is coming” and on the reverse Guruji’s dates 1915 – 2009. They are a lovely reminder of our practice and Guruji, as we go about our daily lives, while at the same time supporting a special cause. If you want one go visit Tracy’s blog, where you can order one.

I spent 30 minutes doing backbends this evening, they are easier than forward bends it seems.

We allegedly have trains in the morning, so an extra hour in bed before practice, I just hope it turns up on time for the last Sunday of the year at YP.


2 Responses to “Pendants for the Children”

  1. Ursula Says:

    It is beautful, elegant, isn’t it. I am wearing mine just now. 🙂

  2. Globie Says:

    Hi Ursula,

    You have one too! Did you send a photo to Tracy?

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