Stressed out just getting there!

I seem to be permanently stressed lately, work is crap, though at least this week its just the 4 days of GDM (Gross Domestic Misery), the Banks are ripping me off and London sodding Midland do their best to stop me getting to practice every Sunday. My practice, the one stable thing I have in my life that makes it worth going to the trouble of opening my eyes once a week on a Sunday morning, when it’s cold, dark and raining. We got into London 10 minutes late, which is a massive inconvenience and cuts my potential practice time down to 100 minutes at YP, if the train had been much later I would of had to divert to AYL, not a bad place to practice, but no doubt by that time it would already be full. So a run through the tube system, arriving at YP already glowing and out of breath, but my favourite spot was at least free.

When the commute has been like this I find it hard to settle down mentally and to take back control of the breath, partly because I feel like I have to rush practice to some extent, though on the other hand I know I can’t faff around as much and am more concentrated. It took all the Surya A’s to find the Ujayi breath, by the end of the B’s my head was threatening to reach my knees, but my hamstrings had not appreciated having to sprint up and down escalators just to get to being on my mat. I have to say I did appreciate Denise’ gentler approach to adjustments this morning Prasarita C felt safe and UHP, which could of become very painful on the hamstrings was nurturing and I felt able to relax to some extent even on the left side.

Seated was adjustment free today, it was nice to be able to release into poses like Triang Mukha and the Janu’s, letting the hamstring be where it wanted to be, Mari’s all bound with the exception of the second side of D, mainly because I forgot to take my little towel today, which I wrap around the knee to give me some extra grip, my fingers found each other, but I couldn’t keep the bind round the knee. At least I did Supta K, my pose for 2008, on my own, bound both ends and lifted before my feet frustratingly flew out, at which point I looked next door to see Susan sitting angelically stress free in Dwi Pada.

So we come to backbends and closing, Urdva Dhanurasana was quite strong for a change, that Wispa bar I had last night must have given me that extra bit of energy, then time for dropbacks, after a bit of experimenting I managed 2 on my own before Denise arrived to have me do 4 more. It feels strange now after 10 months of a teacher standing in front of me taking me to the floor, to have a teacher standing there, but telling me to go to the floor on my own, before getting me to walk the hands in and helping bring me up again. I am still finding it a bit of a mental leap to have to take the responsibility when the teacher is standing there. Standing up I still can’t get my head round, though D told me its not about “up” its about “Forward”, transferring more of the weight, first by walking the hands in, then rocking, I hope in 2010 something clicks (Not painfully I hope), but physically or mentally to let me stand up. At least going down I could rely on gravity!

So that was the last practice of 2009 at YP, they close for the holidays on Friday, boo hoo. On 1st January 2009 Cat said it was time I learned to do a dropback, 11 months later, after so much effort I finally stood in the same place in front of Cary and did one on my own, mission accomplished.

Local Cafe after practice with Mel, yoga socialising has been another highlight of this year. Have a great trip to India Mel.


2 Responses to “Stressed out just getting there!”

  1. skippetty Says:

    Aren’t you glad you’re going on holiday soon? I sure am glad everything’s shutting down for a while. What a year. Phew! By the way, I can give you Denise’s email addy so you can contact her to find out what he holiday schedule is like/ where she is teaching. But I don’t have your email address. Thanks!

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Skippetty,

    You are right, I can’t wait to escape from work, home and this freezing weather.

    I e-mailed you about Denise, I edited out your e-mail address from the comment so you don’t get spammed. Thanks for this.

    Roll on the sunshine of Singapore

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