Ready for a Moon day rest

Another full primary after getting home from the Labour Camp tonight, but I could feel I was running out of steam, it was a bit of a slog and the cold weather didn’t help matters. I am not sure if it was surviving a day at that place or just lots of practice and public transport the last few days, but I think  my body is ready for tomorrow’s Moon day rest. Urdva Dhanurasana was pretty dire, I only managed 1, the right side of my back just didn’t want to bend and I have a better idea these days of when not to push it and end up spending weeks if not months paying for it. Suffice to say I abandoned the idea of dropbacks completely.

My Ashtanga,NY dvd arrived at last today, so that will be my Moon day practice, if it will work on my dvd player that is, it seems to struggle with dvd’s from other regions.

Supposed to snow up here over the next few days, hope its enough for another foreigners versus Brits snowball fight in the car park!

5 more days at work to go, I am sure that place makes me ill. Weekends I can do Supta K and backbends, but 8 hours at the office in front of a screen leaves the backs of my legs aching and turns me into a cripple!


2 Responses to “Ready for a Moon day rest”

  1. Pat Says:

    It will actually be colder in London than in Yorkshire over the next few days. Too bad we’ll be in London. My back has stiffened up too. Moon day does sound like a good idea. Take care. Rest can be good.

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Pat,

    Hope you have a good time in the city. We had a covering of snow, but its gone now. I’ll enjoy the rest day.

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