Snow escape

We woke up to find far more snow than the weather Wench on the BBC had led us to expect last night (Bring back Wincy Willis!), I opened my front door to find over a foot of the stuff. Living so close to work I had to go in and endure a tedious day, before they threw us out at 3.30pm. Many didn’t (bother) attempting to come in, it’s always the same ones.

After a slippery walk home, I made a cuppa and decided to use the extra 30 minutes (we usually finish at 4pm on Fridays anyhow), to get on with practice. I knew I had time to do a proper Primary series if I got on with it. My Hamstrings are still extremely tight, but they are getting there, I was back to being able to grab my fingers beyond my feet in Triang Mukha and the Janu’s and managed to bind Mari D on the first side, my knee didn’t want to play on side 2. I was wearing too many layers to get far into Supta Kurmasana. I still wasn’t that warm by closing, Urdva Dhanurasana was a pain in the left wrist and after one dropback I thought better of it and decided to stop pissing my wrist off.

My Mum found she actually has 2 fractures of the kneecap, plus a crack in the Tibia, which they are worried may split further, she definitley has to stay off it for a minimum of 6 weeks.

It’s snowing again, I can’t see me getting to AYL on Sunday at this rate, they cancelled most of the trains today.

So it’s Friday night out here in the sticks, with a foot of snow and nowhere to go. A good night to stay in and watch my Ashtanga,NY dvd


10pm why didn’t someone mention this dvd to me long before now? Its brilliant, it so puts into words why we do this practice,what we get both individually and collectively, what it brings to our lives and why some of us yearn to go to Mysore. i think I will have to get my Mum to watch it while I am away, its answers in so many ways the “why?” question.


3 Responses to “Snow escape”

  1. arturo Says:

    hi Kevin
    i’m sorry about your mom’s fall. i hope she recovers completely and soon. i’m in transit in Chicago. there were Londoners who were supposed to fly to Florida through Washington. they were diverted to Chicago. at least there is good weather here.

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Arturo,

    There’s only a sprinkling of snow in London, but out here we have quite a lot, I think the Emergency Rooms have been full with people slipping over, the pavements are lethal. Thanks for the good wishes, Mum needs to rest, though her “good” leg is going to be super strong! It reminds me of when Easter our teacher broke her foot and still came and did led Primary, she sat there with the foot in Eka Pada behind her head, doing mini adjustments with her crutch!

  3. Pat Says:

    Sorry to hear about your mum. I hope she gets on okay and gets better soon.

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