Quiet practice.

When I opened my door at 6.30am and found another layer of snow I wondered if I would get to practice, and once I got to the station no trains were listed on the departure Monitor, just a phone number to call that wasn’t being answered! But suddenly an announcement heralded the unexpected arrival of a train, it was even early, we should have snow more often it means we get a train that runs on time! Hardly any snow in London either. Thanks also to “Opening Slowly” for crossing her fingers and toes on my behalf.

AYL this week, so a 2 minute walk from Platform 6 to opening the door and my glasses steaming up as the heat hit them. Could not believe how quiet the Shala was, I could pick my space, I chose the one 3rd in from the mat cupboard, between two people who were into seated poses, so I knew poses like UHP would not clash.

I really wanted to practice today, especially after watching the Ashtanga, NY dvd on Friday, I wanted to feel part of something bigger, part of the yoga community and share in that wonderful energy only possible when practising in a hot room with others. It took a while to get going, head just about heading for knees after 10 Surya’s, nice adjustments from Louise in Prasarita C and in UHP, my hamstring felt safe, so that tension and resistance that can appear when you think something is going to be painful didn’t.

Seated were quite fast up to the Janusirsasana’s, Marichyasana always slows me down, especially when I get adjusted in Mari A, its a reminder I sometimes need, not to be thinking about the Mari D to come, the adjustment makes me present. When it came to Mari D, they were not great today, first side almost bound, but as I stretched my fingers, mentally pleading with them to find their partners my nail took a slice out of the side of one the opposite fingers, second side was nowhere near. Pose of the day was Supta K, I love doing that in a hot sweaty room, so much deeper, so much more satisfying 🙂

All todays adjustments were light, it felt like an end of term practice, not going through the motions, but just doing it without setting any goals, doing it for fun. Nice pressure from Louise’s assistant in Baddha Konasana.

Closing was the usual trial, Urdva Dhanurasana pissed my left wrist off, so I was quite glad when I started playing around with dropback that Louise came over to give me assistance, taking me down, walking me in and bringing me back up, thus saving my wrist from having to land on its own, there seems to be a time to back off and this was it.

Savasana laying by the radiator in the Finishing Room. I could of easily layed there for thre rest of the morning, just as I could have turned over in bed and given the snow a miss at 6.30am, but as usual I am glad I went to the Shala, shared that energy and motivation with everyone.

Home to the Farmers Market back in snowy Herts, collecting my Granola supply and some of her new Fudge, which is providing the energy to type this. A brilliant sunny, if very cold morning, our Castle looked a picture in the snow.

2 more days of slavery to survive, then I just hope the runway at Heathrow is clear of snow as I head for sunshine and yoga in a hot, humid Singapore.


3 Responses to “Quiet practice.”

  1. Helen Says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Sounds like a great practice, good not to push it in the cold, especially as your practice has been going so well.

  2. Pat Says:

    Hey, now I know what you’re talking about regarding AYL! I made it last Thursday and it is really nice to be in a nice warm/hot place. I was beginning to think they didn’t exist here…..

  3. Globie Says:

    Hey Pat,
    you finally made it to AYL, so now you know what everyone is talking about. It wasn’t you who they found asleep in the Finishing Room when they unlocked Friday morning was it? :-). YP is always nice and cosy warm.

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