Exploring yoga locations!

A jetlagged nights sleep, I finally got off at 4am and was woken by the cleaner at 8.45am. No doubt I will get to early afternoon and have to rest.

So I got up, had the hotels (expensive) breakfast and headed out to explore, firstly to find the places I intend to do practice at. I have my EZ card, same idea as our Oyster cards, so getting round is easy. First stop Little India and Oasis yoga, where I am going to practice tomorrow with Denise, who was recommended by Skippetty. Thank god for Google street views, I came out of the MRT and saw the red tower block with a number 10 on and soon found Oasis, even though its closed today. I then walked down to Orchard Road and found Ngee Ann City, a massive tower block, first problemwas finding the lift, which is in the middle of the shops to get up to the 18th floor. Once on 18 I walked right into Pure Yoga, recommended by Karen and Ovidia. They got me to fill in a form, while serving me a nice cup of tea, then took me on a tour of the place. They have reserved me a mat for Sunday.

So yoga places located, I am wandering, apparently there is a special Christmas Parade along Orchard Road this evening, that sounds like fun.


One Response to “Exploring yoga locations!”

  1. karen Says:

    Oh, you’re making me miss Singapore! 🙂

    Enjoy your visit. I am eager to hear about your yoga adventures there.

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