My body clock is still struggling to get with the programme, I woke at 1.30am thinking it must be much later, then couldn’t get back to sleep as yesterday’s feeling of something being “off” turned out to be a snotty cold, I seem to remember having a cold in India last Christmas too, must be the time of year, though I really find the aircon everywhere a bit over the top, you go from 30c outside to something approaching zero everytime you go in a shop or cafe. I am hoping yoga will sweat this cold out of me.

So I got up and headed to Pure and practice with Celeste. Pure feels like Triyoga in London, organised and expensive, compared to the more usual basic shala’s. Celeste though is worth going for, she is a VERY good teacher, like a chinese version of Cary! She came right over and asked me if I knew what I was doing, I told her that I practice in London with Cary and at Hamish’s, at which point she said off you go then!

It was good to have Celeste’s new eye on my practice, she picked on things that others havn’t mentioned, or at least I can’t remember anyone mentioning before, at the start there were only a few people there, so I could feel I was being observed, mini adjust in Trikonasana, then PPA, she had me come up to tell me I am using the hamstrings too much, I need to use the groin muscles more and feel it in the ankles as I go forward. Her adjustments are not that strong, but like Denise’s yesterday, they are very intuitive. My hips are not very open for some reason, so the UHP adjustment was a bit tortuous, when isn’t it? Ardha Badha she stopped me just doing it as a balance, as I cant bind I don’t usually go forward to the floor, not today, somehow she got me to the floor, then back up using the hips, I need to work on this, though I get confused that some teachers wont let you go forward if you cant bind??

Apart from a squish in Triang Mukha and help in Mari A, she left me alone until I exited Bhujapidasana, I admit it was a crap exit, but I was getting tired, Celeste seems to have that way of making you concentrate and be “in” the practice, rather than just doing it, without the connection, so you do work harder. What she said was good though, going into Bhuja was fine, but I shouldn’t straighten my legs in Titibhasana, this is making the arse drop and stressing my arms, she got me to have a bent knee Titibhasana, then circle one leg out at a time into Bakasana, this keeps everything up. She said I should do the weak non dominant leg first, after 3 goes I seemed to be getting it, something else to work on.

Although Pure is airconditioned it still gets warm enough to make Supta K a much easier proposition than at home, I got myself in compeltely before Celeste came to lift me up a little.

Closing wasn’t great again, the thick black mat that had been quite sticky at the start was getting very slippy, my backbends have regressed alarmingly in the last 2 weeks, dropback feels miles away. I managed 2 x Urdva Dhanurasana’s, 3rd one my left hand slipped out and I crashed quite painfully onto my shoulder, so decided to call it a day and just finish finishing.

Well all those who recommended Celeste were right, she is good, I wonder if she fancies a summer in London when Cary is away!


6 Responses to “Pure”

  1. daydreamingmel Says:

    Hi Kevin, just been catching up on your last few posts, my planned christmas indulgence of reading heaps of blogs & yoga books hasn’t exactly materialised – as it is I’m on my dad’s computer with the Archers booming out on 3 radios and my mum on the phone in my ear, it’s always such chaos here compared with my nice quiet home!!!
    anyway great to hear about your experiences in singapore…just wanted to say on the Ardha Badha I’d noticed you don’t fold forward and was intrigued to know why. has Cary specifically told you not to? I was encouraged by my authorised teachers before to always fold forward, you get the great opening in your hip when you are fully in the pose which of course helps with the Marichis to come! I can only catch my toes when I’m halfway down so can’t fully bind from standing as such but nobody’s ever stopped me yet and although i’m wobbly as all hell (and have landed with a bounce more than once) I do love this asana when I get it!
    anyway sorry for the long comment and hope you are having a great time! 🙂

  2. Portside Says:

    Sounds like a great practice! Thanks for posting the comment/recommendation on titi to baka. That makes so much sense – will try that in practice this morning!

    And don’t worry I fully believe that your urduva dhanurasanas / drop backs will come back. You might have some strength and flexibiliy building that’s going on. I’ve found them a bit wonkey myself based on what I’ve been focusing on in practice. 🙂 I’ve enjoyed reading about your trip!

  3. Globie Says:

    Hi Mel,

    Its weird, but Easter always made those who couldn’t bind stay upright, I just continued to do it when I started with Cary and she has never said anything. I may go forward next time I practice with her, just to see if she says anything. Celeste got me back up without wobbling, that takes some doing! I bet you are counting down to Goa, I am in an internet cafe in Little India typing this!

    Hi Portside,
    The Titib to Bakasana help was good, otherwise it just takes too much effort, resulting in lack of control and potential face splat!
    I am doing practice with Denise again this evening, I just had a Thai massage, where you get that lovely assisted Dhanurasana, hope that helps re-open things a little

  4. karen Says:

    I was amazed at how strong she is, given how tiny she is! You’re right, too, about how her powers of observation transfer to the student and give you a laser focus — I remember that feeling when in her room!

  5. susananda Says:

    I used to not let people go forward in ABPP till they could bind…. then I changed my mind… now I think a combined approach is best. Stay upright sometimes and work at the bind and aiming the knee down, go forward sometimes for a different opening. I haven’t seen Cary stop people from doing it….

    My backbends suck now too, sigh…. never mind, they’ll be back.

    Toronto’s like that in the summer – steaming humid outside, 30+, and freezing to death inside with aircon… I find it very unhealthy. Aircon is definitely prone to be abused.

  6. Globie Says:

    Hi Susan,
    Cary has never said anything with ABPP, I think I’ll go forward next time I practice with her to see if she says anything. Celeste said just standing forever would not do much except for my balance, she says the forward bend will help open my hips.

    I like the heat, especially for practice, its a natural heat, rather than just a heated room where you still have to generate your own sweat. I just seem to be far more flexible from the start, though you have to pay more attention to the breath.

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