Oasis – Sweating like a P.I.G!

My cold came out last night, though I did get quite a good nights sleep for the first time in a week. I decided to have an easy day beginning with a nice morning wandering around Little India, very interesting, though India with a Singaporean feel, its clean! I took a few photos of the colourful shops and buildings. Back to my hotel for a rest during the daily afternoon downpour, read the paper and drank a lot of tea!

6.30pm practice with Denise at Oasis, the temperature in their had rocketed compared to the morning practice I did there the other day, I didn’t actually have to move to have sweat pouring out of places I didn’t know existed! Actually felt like my body is ready to come out to play after the journey, the jet lag and a cold. Denise came over before I started to point out some things she noticed the other day, another teachers eye, I may just be here for a few days, but the teachers here are excellent and I have had a lot of attention, which I didn’t feel I had the right to expect. I need to rotate my hips in more during upward dogs and she also gave me some stretches to do to help the front of the thigh, this should eventually translate into easier backbends.

Standing flowed, as rivers ran, I did the forward bend in Ardha Badha and got a nice assists in PPC. Seated felt like doing practice in a swimming pool. But by taking it slowly and really trying to keep the ujayi I found I was having a really nice practice, Mari D on both sides again, bound myself before Denise came over to intensify the twist. My knees and hamstrings are loving practice in this kind of oven! Another thing Denise had noticed was my propensity to use my arms and shoulders as a pendulum when I jump back, especially as I get tired, which then makes me even more tired. I remembered Celeste’s advice about coming out of Bhuja, but couldn’t remember if it was supposed to be the good or bad side you do first into Bakasana. Supta K in that humidity is easy slithery peasy!

Closing, well doing Urdva Dhanurasana on a UK yoga mat in 100% humidity when its touching 40c is dangerous, my mat was beyond a lake, it was a complete skidpan, I managed my 3 x UD’s but I had no traction and kept sliding out, eventually Denise took pity and came over and let me hold her ankles to push up into a nice backbend. If there is one piece of advice I would give anyone coming to practice here its to have a rug or towel type mat, you may think your European shala gets pretty warm and sweaty, but believe me this is no place for your sticky mat, it wont be sticky here for long I can tell ya! Denise gave some exercises to do against the wall for backbend, which were good. Rest of closing on my lake skidpan, but a great practice.

After I got to talk to a couple of the people doing the Kino workshop in Thailand, I think we will have a great time, they are already counting down the days. Must remember to take a towel mat though!


8 Responses to “Oasis – Sweating like a P.I.G!”

  1. Pat Says:

    Glad to hear practices are going well. I recall practicing in Hawaii on a rainy day – I thought I would drown in my own sweat. So what do you mean by using arms and shoulders as a pendulum? Warm is definitely nice. Post a pic when you get a chance!

  2. susananda Says:

    I was going to say, get a rug for god’s sake, that’s what they’re for! Glad your cold is gone.

    The countdown is on 🙂

  3. karen Says:

    I was so happy to practice with some humidity while in London; add to that the heat of Singapore, and BINGO: perfect practice conditions! 🙂

  4. Oasis – Sweating like a P.I.G! « The Journey of my practice | Hyperhidrosis - How To Stop Sweating Says:

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  5. Globie Says:

    Hi Pat,
    I did a walking tour this morning, there were a couple from Denver on it. With the arms, she said the lift needs to come from inside, not swinging on the arms to get through and back. I will have to post pics when I get home,its astronomically expensive here to use wifi and my laptop, what kinda pics do you want.

    Hi Susan,
    I almost threw in my orangey mat towel mat, but it was still in a bit of a state from Sunday’s practice, so didn’t fancy putting it in with my clean clothes for the journey. I’ve got a bit of a cough now, grrr

    Hi Karen,
    The humidity is definitley good for my physical practice. I have to say my practice at Oasis are better than in the aircon of Pure.

  6. karen Says:

    I’m surprised to hear they have aircon. They sure didn’t when I was there. The windows were all steamed up, which was something I’d actually never seen before, in all my years of practicing in the desert! I wonder if they decided to aircon because they were concerned about mold/mildew. That’d be a real issue to the owners of the building, I’m sure, given it’s a corporate space…

  7. Kevin Says:

    Hi Karen,
    Even with 30+ people doing practice there this morning the view out the windows wasn’t obscured. Maybe as its a corporate place and they have to take more care as you say.

  8. arturo Says:

    hi Kevin
    happy new year. sounds like you’re having great practices. i’ve read that while practicing in Singapore you can launch into a spontaneous hanumanasana from a standing pose because it’s so hot in the rooms that your feet can slide all the way to the floor.

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