Oasis – small world!

I went to practice at Oasis this evening, which meant I got a lay in this morning and a much cheaper practice this evening. Just to prove what a small yoga world it is, I met someone there today who I had seen practice at AYL some Sundays. Turns out she is a Singaporean who had been working in London for a few months and doing Sundays at AYL!

A nice hot sweaty practice, yes I know I am making a lot of you back in London jealous as you stick your toe out of bed each freezing cold morning 🙂 I think my practices have been better at Oasis for a number of reasons, I am better hydrated having been drinking all day, as opposed to the mornings at Pure where I have got out of bed and gone to practice, I have been moving around all day so am not as stiff when I start and to be honest there is a better energy at Oasis. My own energy seems to be better controlled too.

Not much adjustment in standing just the usual PPC. Seated were good, Denise waiting for me to bind myself in Mari D before she took me deeper, I was kind of expecting her to join my hands up, as most teachers do, but she let me wriggle and struggle until the fingers found each other. I have managed to bind Mari D every day except one since I have been here. I tried a new tactic today for back bends, I turned my mat over and used the dry (er) side and did manage 3 full UD’s without my feet or hands flying out from under me, though I have only done one dropback since I have been here. Well a good practice to finish the year and after some of the local practitioners invited meet to join them for juice at the Hawker Centre, the yoga community is such a friendly place.

Happy New Year to everyone


One Response to “Oasis – small world!”

  1. Pat Says:

    Happy New Year to you too!

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