Last day in the Oasis yoga oven

I thought about turning over this morning after another sleepless coughing night, but thought well I’m awake I may as well go to practice. Luckily I had given myself enough time to stop at the Hawker Centre outside the MRT for a cup of hot, sweat chai. I can’t stand sugar in tea at home, but here it’s felt warming and energy giving and sets me up for practice.

Oasis was full today 14 spaces all taken, it was hot to start with and once we started moving the body just drips continually. A completely opposite practice to yesterday’s slog, my head was down towards the knees on the first Surya, you just know when its going to happen don’t you, well I seem to. I still think its as much to do with the surroundings, the massive room at Pure with its corporate niceness, nice views etc, I just didn’t feel comfy, despite Celeste, my mind found it easy to wander, but in a small, hot, sweaty, humid shala like Oasis, I find it far easier to concentrate, be in my own space and the humid conditions make my body feel like its safe to open and release.

Standing left alone mostly apart from a downward dog squish and PPC, left to wobble my way through UHP and narrowly avoided head butting the floor going forward in Ardha baddha. Seated was where Denise had me working, firstly on my jumping back and through and then when I was struggling to bind the second side of Mari D, she had me putting the arm around and grabbing the foot, then pushing the knee over with the left hand to try and inch my way around, she isn’t in the habit of binding people, she likes to see some serious struggling happening and eventually my fingers found each other, its only then that she deepens the twist. Supta K as usual in that humidity just happens, though as usual the Titi and Bakasana take everything out of me on the exit.

After some backbend warm ups I turned my mat over, dried the rivers on my upper arms, I noticed the other day that just when I think I have a dry piece of mat for my hands that the rivers are saturating the mat. But oh so much better today, even an extra couple of Urdva Dhanurasanas to make up for yesterday, they all felt, strong, grounded and steady, good enough in fact to bring back some hanging back experiments.

So a really good practice to finish my time in Singapore, its been great to practice at Oasis with Denise. I had expected good practices at Pure with Celeste but they just didn’t seem to happen, at Oasis I just expected to practice, but that little humid oven has been great for my practice. Thanks to Denise and all the other Singapore folk who have made me feel so at home in their shala.

After practice it was a sprint back to the hotel, to shower, eat and sink 3 mugs of tea before checking out at mid day. Luckily the hotel stored my bag for the day, so the rest of today has been about wandering, taking a boat trip, eating and resting.

Singapore has been fun, plenty to fill my time and yoga 7 days out of 9. Back to chilly Europe on Sunday morning, brrrrrrrrrrrr, roll on Kino!


9 Responses to “Last day in the Oasis yoga oven”

  1. susiegb Says:

    Is that the same Denise who used to do Sunday’s at Hamish’s shala? (I’m talking about back in 2005/6 I think when I was last there)

    I had this idea you were going on to the Yoga Thailand place … maybe that’s later?

  2. Helen Says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Hope you have a safe journey home, must have been nice to get some regular shala time. Are you going to London next weekend? I am coming up for one of my long weekend visits.

  3. Kevin Says:

    Hi Susie Its not the Denise who was at AYL. Thailand is in april.

    hi Helen,
    yep great to get shala practice. am in London sat and sun, not sure where to practice sat now Michaela has left. will be at YP on Sunday. hopefully meet u.

  4. Helen Says:

    Hi Kevin, I’m going to Ryan Spielman on Saturday at Tri, have you tried his classes? Looking forward to some shala time.

  5. globie Says:

    Hi Helen,

    Looks like we have Philippa at TLC, who always stood in if Michaela was away, so with luck she is doing it all the time. Also with running the travel club the 9am start at TY is pushing it for me, TLC starts at 8.15, so I get time for a shower and brunch before I have to plug my brain in!

    It was really great to have some Shala time, I hope the dire weather predictions don’t hamper your long weekend down here. I will practice on Sunday as well, if the snow makes the trains late and I cant get to YP in time, I will dive into AYL, so if you want to do croissants at Pret either way.

  6. Pat Says:

    Funny how things don’t quite turn out as expected. But it sounds like it went well for you. I’m glad you had a good trip!

  7. Helen Says:

    Cool I will see you at Pret. I love a post practice breakfast, debrief!

  8. Martina Mleczynski Says:

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  9. Cornell Harbach Says:

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