Singapore in pictures

I am home to the cold European winter, quite a shock to the system as I landed in Amsterdam to -7c, having left steamy Singapore in +35c, before hopping the Channel back to London where it was a balmy +2c! It’s back to work unfortunately, as usual it’s a case of “same shit, different year”.

Practice since I got home has consisted of a few Surya the first night, then last night I did all of standing, surprising myself by getting head to knee, after being cooped up in planes and trains for 24 hours, then closing.

I still have this annoying chest infection, I am hoping the freezing cold temperatures will kill these bugs off, practice is ok until I lay flat to start backbends, then the chesty cough reappears and practice disintegrates. Last year when I had the lurgy followed by the same kind of chest infection, I stupidly continued to practice, pushing myself through, taking the energy my body needed to repair itself, meaning it took longer to get well again. Well this year I will do some practice, but having had 7 shala practices while I was away I don’t feel the same pressure to push myself through.

Kristi asked for some pictures of my trip, so hopefully I have attached them below, from the colourful architecture in Chinatown to the business skyline, the new like the Singapore Flyer and Spaceship Central court and quirky modern shopping centers of Orchard Road. I couldn’t resist taking the picture of Banda St, knowing only Yogi’s would get this one! The colourful Garland shop in Little India, the Lucky Balls in the harbour and the Yogini statue at Pure, bedecked with a Santa hat. Singapore was great fun.



Only Yogi's would get this!


Garlands in Little India


Santa hatted yoga

Singapore Flyer


Quirky architecture


Singapore skyline



3 Responses to “Singapore in pictures”

  1. Maria Says:

    Oh kevin… I feel ur pain – minus 3 today in Dublin. Brr. it was actually too cold to get out of bed to practise. But 8 more sleeps til Thailand and the tropics 🙂 Happy New Year. M

  2. AC Says:

    Nice pics.

    Take some pics of snow causing all the chaos.

  3. Gumbomum Says:

    Love the photos — I am way behind on blog reading, just catching up!

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