Should I?

Practice since I got home has been daily, but not great, its just too bloody cold, my body really doesn’t want to come out to play, even if my mind craves a good stretching after 8 hours in an office. During the week I have done standing and closing, up to Navasana, standing and 2s up to LVJ, but I crave the Singapore heat I enjoyed last week, when I was warm and bendy before I even thought about doing Surya A.

At Nepotism UK its a case of “same shit, different year”, I walk across the car park and have that same heart sink feeling of another 8 hours of crap. When I went through my e-mails I found one from a yoga supplies company mentioning a job, which is bascially the same one I do now, controlling stock and buying stuff, OMG I am so tempted to send in my CV and see what happens. The only problem is it’s based in London, so the cost and time to get there are a major consideration, but the thought of escaping this place and hopefully working for a company that do something I am interested in passionately is a real temptation, Should I, dare I??


11 Responses to “Should I?”

  1. Clare Says:

    Definitely do it!! Ultimately if you got offered a job you can decide if you want to take it. And, who knows, for the right candiate home working might well be a possibility!

  2. Portside Says:

    I vote Dare! 🙂

  3. tracy Says:

    Leap..and the new will appear!
    I vote “YES”!!!!
    but then, I have always been one to take chances… ;0)

  4. Helen Says:

    Go for it!

  5. Kai Says:


  6. karen Says:

    Yes! Might as well see what it’s all about — it may be a terrific job — and what do you have to lose by checking it out?

  7. Pat Says:

    What’s not to think about? Just take it one step at a time. That’s what I told my DH and look where it got us?

  8. globie Says:

    Yep, maybe I should go for it and see what happens, better start looking for my CV and then tidy it up, it hasn’t been out in a while (7 years).

  9. V Says:

    I’m amazed that you even ask yourself the question. Go for it! It’s always good to look out for other jobs even if you like yours, and you hate it, so it’s a no brainer.

  10. Skippetty Says:

    YES DO IT!!!

  11. openingslowly Says:

    Go For It!!!!!!!!!!!!
    – you are great 🙂

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