Its still snowy out here

Spending 2 days in snowless London has been quite novel, no sliding around trying to just stand up on the pavements. In case you Londoners don’t believe what it’s like just 23 miles north west of the city, this is the frozen Grand Union Canal, along whose towpath I walk to get to the station.

Practice back in a Shala envirnoment has been good, Saturday at TLC with Philippa, only 3 of us, so lots of attention, assistance with Mari D, advice again about trying to make my hips roll in more so the feet don’t splay out so much. Despite not being drenched in sweat like last week, Supta K was good, Philippa getting me to bring my hands to prayer in Dwi Pada which was a new experience! After the UD’s I went to the wall and did some hanging back, I want my backbends back, but I didn’t push it.

I had to run the Travel club Saturday afternoon and with the dire weather forecast for home I decided to camp in London for the night, so ended up in a B&B in the East End, which was clean and warm, but I’m sure the floors were warped as I kept nearly rolling  out of bed!

It meant I got a decent nights sleep and no travel (train) stress getting back into the city this morning. Back to YP for practice with Cary, despite being warmed up (I did some Salabhasana, cheaters Ustrasana and LVJ in the B&B before I left 🙂 ), it took me a while to get going, Cary left me alone until PPC and then she was waiting to assist me in UHP, which wasn’t quite as excruciating as I thought it was going to be! I did a forward bend in Ardha Badha Padmot, something I have not done at YP before as I can’t quite bind, Cary didn’t say anything, though I wonder if she noticed?

My focus seemed to come back for seated, bound both sides of all the Mari’s on my own, I managed to exit Bhuja via Titi and Bakasana just about and only needed a tweek from Cary in Supta K. To be honest the postures were far better than I expected they would be, I thought coming back to the cold would send everything back into its shell.

After 70 minutes I arrived at closing, which then took far longer than I thought it would to get through. After some reasonable Urdva Dhanurasanas, with advice about my hands starting position, they always feel like they are in the wrong place to me, I headed for the wall with the intention of just doing some “Hang backs” and pushing off the wall, not pushing it first day back, taking it easy like Saturday and finishing after that.

But Oh no, my practice petering out, taking it easy wasn’t on Cary’s agenda for me today, after  I had  “played ” around for a while, Cary came over and pointed at the floor and gave me the “why aren’t you going to the floor?” look, so I decided that as I could see the floor as I hung back, that maybe I should try, well the first one my head got there first, but I just about managed to land a couple more, then she helped me up. I thought that’s ok, as she then went off to assist someone else and I headed back to my spot to hang out in forward bend, but then she was in front of me again and we did the full repetoire of cross arm half way, dropping back , walking in, pushing up into her hands, before coming back up, then 2 more dropbacks with assistance and standing up, learning that my head comes up too fast, even though I am conscious of not leading with my head.

I have to admit I need a teacher like Cary who stops me wallowing in my comfort zone and pushes me along right to the end, giving me the drishte reminders in Matsyasana and to do Ardha Sirsasana, taking what could of just been a run of the mill, get to the end practice into being one that left me with a better feeling of accomplishment, it’s good to have her back.

Finally at 10.30 I met Helen at Pret, OMG did I need those cups of tea and croissants, nice to hang out again with yogi discussion for a couple of hours.

Home to the sticks and the snow, its snowing lightly as I type, but at least I got my double practice weekend.

3 Responses to “Its still snowy out here”

  1. susananda Says:

    She looked at me like I was crazy when I told her I hadn’t been doing 3rd series, haha… well it happens! Sounds like it’s good she pushed you on the dropbacks though. I suspect I’m going to be very sore this week. Cary spent the break practising with a very advanced teacher who is so low-profile I’ve forgotten his name.

    Thanks for the calendar! 🙂

  2. Globie Says:

    She really pointed her finger, DO IT! Ye she told me his name, began with “N” I think, no one I had heard of. She practised with Dena too, she told Dena I had sent her!

    You are welcome, I thought it would help you count down to “Kino time”

  3. Pat Says:


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