The WOYO incentive

Last year I had got into the habit of taking Monday’s off, especially when I had done double Shala practice in London over the weekend, what with all the travelling and first day of the week at the labour Camp, I was just too knackered and to be honest practice became a chore and not the joy it should be.

But we are into WOYO again so I feel a need to practice and keep up with doing practice every day in January. I was still tired, the icy walk to work, 8 hours crap, then an even icier walk back up the hill, but I managed to get on my mat and go up to Bhuja, mainly because I want to keep practising the exit now that a few teachers have taken the time to explain the dynamics of getting into Titi, Bakasana and jumping back, once or twice a week at the Shala isnt going to get me there and it feels more likely to happen than standing up from backbends does, so I keep trying to engage, lift, manoevre and jump. By the time I had played around with backbends, first home dropback of 2010 in the bag, but left wrist still making objections, I had ended up doing 75 minutes, which on days when I do get my arse in gear I can almost do a whole practice in that time. Practice is like work it seems to fill the time available however little or much of it there is.

Thanks to all those who left comments encouraging me to apply for that job, I finally sent my application in, I figured I had nothing to lose, the decision to take it, in the event of it actually being offered will always be mine.


One Response to “The WOYO incentive”

  1. Pat Says:

    Good luck with the app. Keep us posted.

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