Speed yoga!

This weeks practice has been a bit of a rollercoaster, Wednesday evening I managed to spend 2 hours doing primary, plus second, then all the backbend experiments. Thursday’s was dire, after a crap day at the Labour camp, I really wanted to practice and although I got on my mat, I spent an hour doing postures I just knew it wasn’t doing much for me, apart from keeping my woyo score intact, I was just too tired.

Friday home by 4.15 and straight on my mat with a big mug of tea by my side, one day I have to do that at the Shala! When I know I have a fixed time and just get on with it, I just seem to have such a good practice, its almost as if on the days when I have lots of time I slow down and don’t actually end up having done any more or anything better. Tonight, No faffing, no toe picking, just a slurp of tea after every couple of asanas, binding all the Mari’s, a decent attempt at the Bhuja exit, Supta K would of been bound but for the layers of clothes, Shala temperature my upstairs isn’t. 3 x Urdhva Dhanurasana, though I only did hangbacks to preserve my knees and wrists which are playing up and the rest of closing, laying down for a well deserved Savasana in 75 minutes, I was quite surprised when I saw how quick I had been. Not having eaten obviously helps and the tea hydrates, well that’s my excuse!


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