Ran to my dropbacks!

The usual rubbish London Midland train service meant I literally had to run when I arrived in London 15 minutes late, I did think about bailing out to AYL, but as I had arranged to have a yogis breakfast after practice with Mel and Liza (Mangotree), I decided to make the effort, finally arriving at the Shala 25 minutes late, thanks to the tube trains being almost as bad as the train into the city, when it goes against, it really goes against. As I rushed into the Shala, Susan told me to slow down and breathe.

Our prefered mat spaces were still free so straight on with it, I find it hard then not to rush, as if I want to try and catch up some of the time I have lost, but with Susan next door I slowed down as we did our synchronised Surya’s. I am still not sure if I did 5 x B’s, I was kind of using Susan to count! Standing wasn’t too bad, despite all the running my hamstrings let me get my head to the ground in PPA, which is quite unusual, though surprisingly no adjustment in PPC today. Also left alone in UHP which didn’t go too bad and for the second week running I did the forward bend in Ardha Badha, again nothing said, or didn’t she see..I am going to have to ask her, remeber a year or so ago I thought I was getting away ok with Ustrasana, before I got “The Look” and The lecture!

Actually ended up being one of my least adjusted Shala practices in ages, though after standing I could no longer follow Susan as she went into her incredible Cirque de Soleil mega bendy Wendy, LBH etc routine! I think being late I hadn’t faffed at all, by the time I got to the Marichyasanas I was really warm and loose and managed to bind them all, followed by a semi not very good Titi- Bakasana exit out of Bhuja. Supta K was one of the best unassisted ones I have ever managed, well that’s how it felt, I was way under and bound and even managed to lift and keep my feet bound, though my neck was a bit crushed. First real adjustment came in Baddha Konasana, though I enjoy that one, once Cary ascertained my knee was ok she put the pressure on and got me flat to the floor again.

I think the exercises I have been doing at home to help the Tricep are beginning to pay off, as even without my home 2nd series additions I managed 4 Urdva Dhanurasana. It was busy today so no space on the back wall for my dropback experiments, ie no wall, I had to stay where I was and get on with it, after a bit of hanging I went for it CRASH and an audible “shit” as my head hit the floor quite hard before my hands landed, Cary came over to deliver a thicker, softer crash landing blanket! After which I did manage to land 4 on my own without mishap. Cary told me to then wait for her, ie not use up all my energy. I still find it a bit of a mental barrier doing dropback with her in front of me, she says I need to control it just a little bit longer before allowing gravity to take over, after another 3 I could feel I was getting further back. She then has me walk in as much as I can, this is feeling easier, then somehow she gets me back up. Her touch feels very light, its not like she is hauling me up and she soon lets go as soon as she realises I have managed to engage whatever it is that needs to engage to come up the rest of the journey on my own. It’s as if she is accessing some secret button or muscle to initially get me moving that I can’t find for myself. So this week it ended up being 8 dropbacks before my well deserved Paschimttanasana squishing. Apart from a tweek to my feet in Sirsasana, that was it, despite my late arrival I managed a whole practice plus all the extra backbend stuff and a 4 minute Savasana in 95 minutes. That train had better run more to time next week though.

After practice it was great to finally put a face to another of the blogging community, Liza, aka Mangotree from Slovenia, who joined me and Mel for breakfast, I have to say I was impressed that she kept up with me in the tea drinking stakes, not many can! Thanks for the chocolate Liza.


17 Responses to “Ran to my dropbacks!”

  1. fatou2002 Says:

    It was great meeting you and Mel (and Susan). All that tea and non ayurvedic diet of the few days in London however was not all that great for my system, but now I am back to my rice and steamed vegetables. And I am rather sore from the intensity of yesterday’s practice

  2. globie Says:

    hi Liza,

    the tea will flush out the toxins, no problem. The answer to being sore from practice is to do it again!

    Great to meet you, if you are ever back in London get in touch.

  3. daydreamingmel Says:

    yes can I chime in & say it was great to meet you too Liza! Sorry the travel diet hasn’t suited you but smetimes it helps to remind us why we put ourselves through the extra-terrestrial diet doesn’t it?
    And remember, if you ever need a research assistant for the Paris Idea I’m your girl! 😉 By the way do you have a blog? I tried to find something under mangotree but couldn’t find anything.
    sorry for hijacking your comments Kevin!! Also – I spotted Cary giving an adjust in Supta K of actually sitting on somebody’s neck! So maybe thank your lucky stars your practice was light on adjustments yesterday!

  4. globie Says:

    Hi Mel,

    So you didn’t see Cary sitting on me in Baddha Konasana, a mega squishing. She usually only helps lift me in Supta K now I can get into it myself, though I managed that after a fashion yesterday too. Still got a dent in my head from the 1st dropback crash.

    Liza’s blog is http://fatoumata_toure2002.blogspot.com/

  5. daydreamingmel Says:

    Yes I think I did see that, but sitting on your back doesn’t look quite as bad as having your neck sat on!!
    Thank you for the link 🙂

  6. susananda Says:

    Mel, I’ve seen her perch there in order to adjust someone’s feet, are you sure she was actually sitting? With pressure??

    Kevin LOL
    I only do three surya Bs now…. i used to be very resistant to dropping two Bs until Sharath’s workshop, after that I never went back to five! Glad you had a good practice despite the rush, and that you don’t have a concussion! That was loud!!

    The Slovenian chocolate was very good : )
    It was great to meet you Liza and sorry I missed the breakfast!

    I’m officially mentally blocked against blogging again, oh well.

  7. globie Says:

    LOL Susan, that would explain it! I better count next week. Why does Sharath only do 3 x B’s?

    I had a bit of a headache later, hardest crash landing i have had, I saw the look on your face, but the next 7 went ok..

    Just hope transport is better next week, glad you slowed me down, does help having someone steady next door.

    AC was askimg me where you had got to.

  8. daydreamingmel Says:

    hi susan, well of course I was *fully* absorbed in my practice, I just happened to glance up and see the neck adjustment happening in the front row so I don’t know any more than that!!

    We had this discussion about 3 surya B’s in India as people there were saying they only ever do 3 as that is what Sharath does in led classes. Being a full-on hater (now thankfully reformed!) I was keen to legitimise my surya skipping and asked Noah. Ohhhhh no, he said, always do 5 – or 10. As for why Sharath does 3 in led, I think it’s the same reason you don’t take full rest at the end of the practice – it’s about time economy. When they are trying to fit 300 people into 2 led classes in Mysore you can understand why. But as you have such a full-on practice Susan I think you can be more than forgiven for taking the choice to do 3!

    I think I’m mentally blog-blocked too, have so much to say these days but no time or energy to do it – full-time work & commuting takes up so many hours 😦
    We miss your blogging though susan! Kevin you’re so good at being consistent with yours, I don’t know how you do it.

  9. globie Says:

    Blogging is the antidote to the tedium of working!

  10. Fatou Says:

    Mel, can you please let me know the link to that Austin shala?

  11. daydreamingmel Says:

    Hi Liza, sorry I didn’t email it before, and I did promise didn’t I! I asked my online friend and she said they are more than happy to welcome people from out of town, you can just email Mike beforehand. Here is the link:
    also there is a place called castle hill yoga which also has Mysore (so my Austin friend tells me!)
    Let us know how you get on 🙂

  12. Fatou Says:

    thanks Mel, it looks great. I like how they write that the first ten years is for finding out if you like this practice or not.

  13. AC Says:

    What the f***, you wanna x5 or x10 Surya B’s then just do it………..

  14. susananda Says:

    Oh, that’s Liz’s boyfriend Mike! Cool!!!
    When are you going there, Liza?

    Mel, having observed her adjusting lots of times when I was assistant (and whilst practising and not keeping drishti), I’m guessing she was just squatting really low and I guess maybe applying a little pressure?? but not actually sitting there? She does this sometimes when crossing peoples’ feet.

    With Sharath I think it’s just the time factor etc… I used to feel superstitious that I wouldn’t feet warmed up after only 3 Bs, but Sharath’s workshop taught me that I was, and since my full practice (M-Th) is so agonisingly long and is going to get much longer before it gets shorter again (if I ever get to that point), I decided this was a good place to streamline!! The same thing happened with the last 5 standing poses when I dropped primary – I was reluctant to stop doing the balances, but it was so much better. Same again in 3rd I guess, when you start practising it on its own and go straight into vishwamitrasana from the suryas!! (might be the time to reintroduce 5 Bs…) :^)

  15. daydreamingmel Says:

    Yep, liz’s boyfriend Mike. My twitter friend Juliet shared the new website last week as she’s in some of the pictures, and I loved what I read on there. Then 2 days later Liza tells us she is going to Austin & needs a place to practice…yogic serendipity!!

    I can’t imagine the situation you’re in with 2nd/3rd is ever going to be a problem for me Susan, so I just needed someone to tell me not to be so lazy trying to get away with 3 Bs when I don’t even do full primary! And no I’m sure C wasn’t doing anything bad with that adjustment it just looked very funny (and extreme!) from the back of the room 😉

  16. Fatou Says:

    I will only be in Austin for 4 days and 3 of that will be at conference, so I hope I can squeeze in one Mysore practice before I leave. I do love their website, so clean, so to the point, no unnecessary stuff. Perfect.

  17. globie Says:

    Missing 2 x B’s doesn’t save much time, but if I dont get there until 25 past I may have to do it to get finished. My practice seems to take ages now with all this backbend stuff. I used to mentally already be eating my brekky croissant after seated, now I don’t get the vision until Shoulderstand!

    I’m with Mel this 2nd 3rd stuff will never be anything I have to worry about, all I want is to stand up from backbend and have her say “Pasasana”!

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