Blogging while its working

In case you were wondering I havn’t been away this week (I wish), it’s just that I have had a big problem getting my home PC to connect to the internet, or if it does connect to stay connected, I have no idea what’s gone wrong. I have spent far too many hours every evening trying to get to the bottom of the problem, its working now, but I have no idea why now and if it will carry on working or crash yet again.

So practice this week has been disjointed and wholly unsatisfactory, Monday was a short one, Tuesday was the only good one, a complete Primary plus a bit of second with some dropbacks. Wednesday and Thursday its been bloody cold when I have got home, it had actually gone past 9pm when I did my first Surya on Wednesday.

Friday was a better day, isn’t it for everyone, my ticket for the Cranberries finally arrived, I got home early and did a complete Primary in 75 minutes and I was even warm enough to do some UD’s and a dropback. Friday has the advantage of being able to practice before Dinner, I somehow have more energy, despite not having eaten and mentally feel lighter, not that I eat much when i do eat, but it just seems easier.

A busy weekend coming up, firstly an appointment with Alison’s scissors and shopping tomorrow, then Sunday, that bloody train had better be on time this week, Shala practice, then working at the Adventure show in London.

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