Unrealisable dream

I had this amazingly vivid dream last night where I at last stood up from a dropback, I could feel my legs and stomach muscles pulling me up, then my hands touching the wall as my momentum pitched me forward. So despite it being a Moon day I decided to do some practice after I got home from shopping and hair mowing, typical I get my hair cut and it snows again and its freezing cold! The head massage was nice though 🙂

After standing and a a few forward bends I dipped into 2nd, then did all the backbends I could think of, before doing some walking in Urdva Dhanurasana’s. I think I am mentally becoming easier with dropbacks, after some hanging I just inhaled, arms up and back I went, landing ok and finding the strength to walk my hands in, rather than the usual collapse, though I couldn’t find the muscles that had been in my dreams, though sub consciously I know they are lurking somewhere. Now dropback takes less mental effort (nerve), hopefully I will be able to exhale for longer as I bend, which from having read other blogs about backbend seems to be the key to getting a deeper bend, landing nearer my feet and eventually to stand. Still this time last year I was having dropback dreams, long before I managed to do one, so if we are on the same time frame the I could be standing up somewhere between September and November!

On the internet front it seems it’s not just me having problems with IE, I managed to get online long enough to download Firefox, which touch wood, seems to be working, if you have read this it worked. Anyone else experiencing problems with IE 7 or 8?

Busy day tomorrow, practice, brekky, then the Adventure show.


One Response to “Unrealisable dream”

  1. Helen Says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Do not use IE much, so no idea. Yoga dreams are funny, I used to have them about supta K. Hope you have a good practice with Cary today.

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