The “S” word and communal Drishti loss!

A better journey this Sunday, less stress and more time for a much less rushed practice. The Shala numbers are also erratic, last week it was packed, this week I knew everyone’s names, more or less.

Susan arrived later, so I had to count my own Surya B’s this week! My hamstrings were tighter, despite not having had to run, so I spent a little longer in Padahastasana to stretch them out, that’s the joy of Mysore, though maybe its not the done thing, but it’s nice to be able to stretch out and find the space. Standing seems to happen, merely stopped by the chant during Parvakonasana and by help in UHP, though it wasn’t as excruciating today.

Seated are becoming more consistent, they seem to be taking less time, I faff less, but also my right knee hasn’t been as painful of late, so I spend less time coercing it into half lotus. It used to seem to take ages to do all the Marichyasanas, A-C seem like a breeze now and even D on the first side is making regular appearances. The second side is still a pain, sometimes it happens. Today I got the deepest twisting adjustment I have ever had in Marichyasana D, she let me get into it on my own, then wow, 360 degrees, or that’s what it felt like, it felt like I had been rung out to dry. Usually adjustments like that can wipe me out, so I took my time with Navasana to get my breath back for Bhuja, reasonable exit attempt without splatting my nose. Supta K yet again was rocking, I just love doing that and I am getting better at lifting out, even though I sometimes lose the exit, but its fun, well I think it is.

Susan’s Supta K is where the communal drishte was lost, as nearly everyone seemed to stop to watch Cary giving Susan hints on getting LBH, I thought it was just me who had watched, but after practice Mel who was at the back, said nearly everyone stopped to watch and listen! But using the right foot as a kind of ramp for the left foot to hop up behind the neck was interesting, as opposed to crossing the feet and trying to then get the head under. I didn’t quite catch Cary’s comment about the hand, something about pressing?

After this little diversion the rest of seated got me nice and warm for backbends. I collected my equipment, a block and the extra thick fluffy crash blanket, then after some decent UD’s I just hung back a couple of times  before going for my dropback, landing safely, head grazing the blanket, but only because it was quite thick, (the blanket, not my head). 4 on my own then Cary arrived. She let me use a second parallel mat today, it just feels much safer and stable with the feet 3 inches wider apart, down on my own 3 times and helped up, then cross arms, before one last dropback, walk in, walk in some more, then push my hips up into her hands before she sets me gliding upwards, shoulders first then head. Control is coming I just need to get that initial launch sorted out.

As she squished me in Paschimottanasana, she said I am getting it, “In a couple of months you will stand  and do second series”. It’s the first time she has ever used the “S” word in relation to my practice, 15 months ago when I got the lecture for sneaking in Ustrasana, she never used the word “Second”, but today, well I was amazed to hear that word, no shocked if I am honest, but also inspired, she has a knack of saying the right thing to me at the right time.

A great practice was followed by a well deserved breakfast and yoga chat with Mel, I find it so helpful to talk about what we have just done so soon after, rather than just going home and keeping my thoughts to myself or blogging, it feels like completing something.


29 Responses to “The “S” word and communal Drishti loss!”

  1. susananda Says:

    Haha! OK, I can cross my feet in SK and then duck my head under, but back is hunched and feet not really behind head. Or come into it from dwi pada, deeply. So in order to go deep from the floor (ankles crossed actually behind neck), you need to press into the hands to make the shoulder lift the leg; and as you say use the right foot as a ramp for the left, press into hands to lift shoulder to put left foot over; then press into hands to lift right shoulder, and right foot over left. Unfortunately I can’t do this yet!! Seems hopeless, and I have few opportunities for unled primary (only doing it today because of a back tweak).

    Always something else to work on….

  2. globie Says:

    Thanks Susan, its hard to press on the hands though when they are stretched back, should you take them wider rather than back to help initiate the lift? We wondered why you were “just” doing primary. When Cary just did it, I thought you would just follow, but it is obviously a lot harder than it looks, as you say something to work on.

  3. Fatou Says:

    I am sorry I was not there this week, being snowed in here in Slovenia was not all that conducive to yoga yesterday morning. THis morning I practices to Sharat’s DVD and he did only 3Surya A and 3 B, which was very good for the lazy ole me, but I wonder what that is all about
    Oh, and I finished reading The handbag and wellies yoga club. Rather depressing for a childless woman of my age

  4. globie Says:

    Hi Liza,

    We had a little snow again this morning, its cold here as well.

    Some practice is always better than none.

    I can see why some would find the book a little depressing, but Lucy has moved on and I think is planning another book now.

  5. Helen Says:

    Hi guys, I am reading that book too. It is pretty full on but love her honesty. Kevin, just answered your question re Saturday on my blog.

    Susan if your still here I am just wondering why you are working on this, is it just something new to work on? I keep meaning to ask my teacher if it’s okay for me to do dwi pada entry for supta Kurmasana. I find it much easier than floor entry, if I’m alone. I am not up to dwi pada in second series and was just curious as to whether it was legal (lol) to do dwi pada entry before you get to dwi pada in second.

    Hope you don’t mind me asking Susan a question on your blog Kevin.

  6. globie Says:

    Hi Helen,

    I ended up quite enjoying the book, especially when i realised the workshop she talks about is the one I went to.

    Feel free to ask Susan via here, I am interested in the answers as well. Funny that you find it easier to do Dwi Pada 2S way rather than from the floor.

  7. Helen Says:

    Thanks Kevin.

  8. susananda Says:

    Hi Helen,

    I’m not sure whether the dwi pada entry is ‘officially’ allowed before getting to dwi pada in your practice…. my advice is, don’t ask, just do it and see if your teacher stops you 🙂

    I HUGELY prefer to get into it from dwi pada because it’s so much deeper. However, even more elegant is the way Cary showed me… getting that deeply in directly from kurmasana, without coming out. Yes, it’s just something else to work on, refinements to primary. She also wants me to jump back directly out of mari B (which I can’t do either)… well, it’s nice to have something to work on. But primary at our shala’s always led (unless it’s on Thursday because of Friday moon day)… and I can’t attempt this thing at led pace…. then I was doing primary at home for a while but forgot how…. Well, now I understand the method, still not sure when I can practice it though!

    Kevin, you bring your hands forwards until you can press into them… kind of chaturanga level…. it’s hard though. Think I need to get more of my shoulders under before I can do it. You use your shoulder to lift the leg, via pressing into the hands.

    Hope that helps!

  9. Globie Says:

    Jumping back from Mari B, so presume you release the bind and bring hands to front and just jump?

    I’ll try Supta K tonight, so when you say hands at Chaturanga level, you mean bent elbows with fingers pointing forward rather than back or to the side, as they are in Kurmasana?

  10. susananda Says:

    No, you keep the bind and jump back….
    Kidding : )
    Yep, just like jumping from mari A except about a hundred times harder.

    Yep, bent elbows and fingers forward. And make sure your legs are well bent and feet touching. Good luck!!

  11. globie Says:

    More like impossible, I tried both jumping out of Mari B and the Supta K Dwi Pada experiment tonight, though in a sweaty shala with my shoulders further under I would probably stand more chance!

  12. karen Says:

    Oh, thanks for the supta k from-the-floor entry info! I feel like a dope now, because I usually lie there in supta k, trying to just levitate my legs via sheer strength — obviously, it doesn’t work very well! It never occurred to me to use my arms to leverage my shoulders. LOL!

  13. Helen Says:

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the response Susan. I’m unlikely to try it at the shala as I am always assisted, which I like as I can get in deeper. I guess I was wondering if I should continue to work on entry from the floor at home or just do it the dwi pada way. For now I guess I will do both at home. My head seems in the way of my heel if I try and lift it from the floor. I was doing it from the floor a while back though… thanks again. Maybe I will someone to have a look at my from the floor entry, I’m sure I can do it, think it’s just the how I have lost. Wish I could say the same for my backbends! P.S. Susan what time do you finish teaching on Sunday? Meeting Mel and Kevin for breakfast, free for lunch?

  14. susananda Says:

    Yeah, Kevin, these two things are hard! And when I can do them, she’ll have something else for me. There are always ‘refinements’….. like in 2nd you can enter pincha both legs at once instead of one at a time… that I’ve managed, but it still scares me and I like to save my energy for karanda… blablabla… but I like it that there are new places to go in the poses I can already do.

    Karen, at the moment I feel like I have about as much chance of doing the ‘deep from the floor Cary method’ as the ‘will your legs to levitate’ method…. but it’s bound to get easier with practice, right??

    Helen, I’d love to meet you for lunch! I finish at 12:30 in Canary Wharf. Maybe if you all limit yourselves to a post-practice croissant, we could all lunch together?? Haven’t talked to Mel for about more than about a minute at a time either! What do you guys think? I could be ‘somewhere’ by 13:00?

    When I do primary unled, I usually do supta K twice – once from floor tucking head under, and then again from dwi pada. Doesn’t hurt to do it twice, plus it seems like two different poses. And now I have this new project…. will probably do once from dwi pada and then attempt the Cary method. Over and over again….. till it actually works : )

  15. susananda Says:

    PS Helen, I’ve heard that before about Hamish’s, that they put you in the pose before you have the chance to try yourself. Cary’s the opposite, she makes/lets you work it first! Can you ask them not to assist you till you’ve made an effort? It doesn’t make sense to me otherwise, we have to try our best before the assist, in my world! Though I guess you do enough home practice that it doesn’t matter so much?

  16. Helen Says:

    Cool, lets meet for lunch, it would be great if the others can make it too? No need for me to hold back, I can eat a lot post practice! Mostly I am practising alone and I can do the pose so do not mind the assist kinda like a holiday which is nice as I can save my efforts for kapotasana (much needed!). I can’t get as deep alone, so for me the assist is nice, the working at it alone mostly prevails in my world too as I do most of my practice at home 🙂 Karen I feel for you with the lack of foot levitation!

  17. Globie Says:

    Beginning to sound like a plan to me.

  18. donutszenmom Says:

    Okay, I tried the ramp with leverage from arms thing yesterday, BUT… one small hitch: I was taight to make the hand bind first, then cross the feet! So there I was, hands bound, thinking, “Hey! Wait a minute! This isn’t going to work!”

  19. donutszenmom Says:

    Oops. “Taught”

  20. globie Says:

    That’s probably thre next stage knowing Cary!

  21. daydreamingmel Says:

    All the supta K stuff is over my head as I will probably be stuck at bhujapindasana for the rest of my life… but hang on – lunch plans, hurrah! what did you say Susan…
    “Maybe if you all limit yourselves to a post-practice croissant, we could all lunch together??” like Helen said, no need to limit the breakfast to allow for lunch! Sounds good to me, let’s make a plan 🙂

  22. Helen Says:

    Hi Mel- great glad I have an eating buddy, I’m sure your not going to be stuck at bhujapidasana forever, took me a couple of years, but then as David Swenson said about Nauli, it only takes a second to learn it, it’s just when that second is…. Have you asked Cary for help? Maybe you should do a demo in Pret?

    Okay, so lunch plans… Kevin are you going to a travel thing in the afternoon? If so what time?

  23. Globie Says:

    Hi Helen,

    I have just decided on plan B, which means I practice at TLC on Saturday with Gail, jump on tube after and go to the show, I’ll be late for the travel club, but someone else is going to unlock and set up.

    So, Sunday I can watch Mel do her Bhuja demo in Pret plus demolish a croissant or 4 and lots of tea, then do lunch. So no rush, if time allows may have another look round show before i go home Sunday and have more tickets if any of you want to come and have a freebie. Roll on the weekend!

  24. Helen Says:

    Hi kevin you were writing on my blog as I was writing on yours,lol. Sounds like a plan perhaps Susan or Mel have a suggestion for where we can meet for lunch somewhere between docklands and Euston, since they live in London? It’ll be great to catch up and to meet you Susan.

  25. Globie Says:

    LOL cyberspace eh! I e-mailed Susan a little while ago with a suggestion (Giraffe cafe at Spitalfields), just waiting for a reply or maybe Mel has an idea.

  26. Helen Says:

    Cool sounds like a plan.

  27. daydreamingmel Says:

    Oooooh I love Giraffe, was craving it last night when I had plans to go elsewhere for dinner! Only problem is it does get very very busy in Spitalfields on a Sunday. They have another branch in Victoria but no idea how busy that would be, and Islington which will be as full of yummy mummys as Spitalfields, Oh yes I forgot they do get full of children on sundays too…

  28. Globie Says:

    Am sure they will have a space for us, Can’t be as bad as the 4×4 Yummy mummies in Primrose Hill.

  29. susananda Says:

    Ah, we’ll get into Giraffe, and if not there are LOTS of yummy places to eat in Spitalfields. Our yogi calm will make us immune to the crowds, it’s a good in-between location. See you all Sunday!!

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