A Shala practice on a Wednesday

Having 90 minutes to kill between the interview and a train that my ticket home was valid for, I decided that rather than just sit around the station, to walk round the corner and have my first practice at AYL of 2010.  It was filling up before the 6pm official start time, I had visions of using V’s spot, but alas it was already taken by the time I got there.

I havn’t practised with Roberta in years, but recognised her immediately, once she ascertained I wasn’t a newbie and knew what I was doing (well I think i do!), it was on with it. I have to say an evening Shala practice feels soooooo much better, the body may be a little tired from the day, but it felt so much more flexible, head to knee on first Surya A, that never happens. Standing just seemed to fly by, apart from having to shift mats up a couple of times to squeeze people in. I couldn’t believe how packed it was for a weekday evening.

Seated in that lovely heat was actually enjoyable, bound all the Mari’s relatively easily and best of all, instead of the usual teacher there as soon as you think about Supta K at AYL, I was delighted than Roberta let me get into it myself before she came over to tweek my foot position so that I could try Dwi Pada exit.

To save weight I didn’t take my Yogitoes towel mat with me, mistake.. my blue mat was very slippy by the time I came to backbends, just about managed 3 x Urdva Dhanurasana, then played around hanging back, I didn’t try a dropback on my own because of the slipperyness and lack of crash landing equipment. I thought assistance wasn’t coming so did a forward bend, then Roberta came and said to do dropbacks with her. Again a good assist, letting me get quite a way on my own before getting me safely to the floor, like Cary she didn’t seem to do much to get me back up, she said my legs have the strength, its the weight transfer that needs to happen.

So a really nice practice and if by some miracle I get the job then I can see evening practice at AYL becoming a habit. The interview went ok I think, but you never can tell. They asked me what type of yoga I did, then asked if I have done other types, I explained that I enjoy the flow of ashtanga, Sivananda wasn’t for me and Iyengar with its belts, blocks and bolsters and general faffing around would send me round the twist, I then found out that most of their business is selling blocks, belts etc for the Iyengar fraternity, oh well……at least they laughed.


4 Responses to “A Shala practice on a Wednesday”

  1. Helen Says:

    Hi Kevin, you went to the oven without your yogitoes! Sounds like a great practice. I actually bought a yoga towel from the place of your interview this week. It’s brilliant and revolutionised kapo for me, now I can actually walk my hands in! See you Sunday.

  2. globie Says:

    I didn’t want to lug too much to the interview, I can fold up my blue mat small enough to go in my little rucksack and with yoga togs as well, I was full.

    I could have collected your mat for you, saved you the postage, the mat towels are great, did you wash it first?

  3. Helen Says:

    No it wasn’t a yogitoes. It was their own one and they say no need to wash. Half the price of a yogitoes, thought I would give it a whirl since I only want it for the end of my practice. So glad I did.

  4. Kai Says:

    Given my current obsession with props, I would have had a lot to say in that interview! I hope you get the job!

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