Oscar the youngest adjuster in London!

AC’s theory that the trains round here are better when the weather is bad is true. It was snowing heavily as the train arrived 4 minutes early this morning! Though the small gain was blown apart by the useless tube, meaning I didn’t get to the shala until 8.15, grrr

Quite quiet at the Shala this morning, though this means more “assistance” and some of it from a new assistant. Left alone completely in standing, apart from a comment to straighten my leg in UHP, I didn’t feel as open today, I suppose I was spoiled in the AYL oven the other night.

Seated are where the work started and I seemed to at last find some length in my leg muscles in the Janu’s. Marichyasana A adjustment was quite intense, managed B & C ok, before Cary let me get into D on my own before adjusting, not the deep twist this time, more trying me to get both sit bones down. Supta K is still my favourite, in nice and deep on my own, before being flattened to the floor feet bound, then told to lift into my Dwi Pada, I somehow resist the urge to shout “yeeeeeeeessss” as I stay up there with my feet behind my head, I have this incredible feeling of elated satisfaction doing that, but just when I think I’m done Cary’s there,” straighten your legs into Titibhasana”, “don’t touch the ground!” she says as I manoeuvre my feet into Bakasana, “lets do that again” as she instructs me to lift my arse, after 4 goes I finally manage one that passes. After another squishing in Baddha Konasana, the rest of seated just pass by until UMP, which I still can’t come up into.

Closing Urdva Dhanurasana’s were not bad, it was time to grab my equipment, extra mat and crash blanket in readiness for dropbacks. After a couple of not very good ones, I managed 3 pretty good ones on my own. I decided not to wipe myself out but to wait for help at this point, at which point also Oscar woke up and needed his Mom and I mentally abandoned hope of help and thought about going into forward bend, but then Mom and baby appeared in front of me, Oscar ON Cary’s shoulders holding her hair and his trousers clamped in Cary’s teeth as she got me back up from 3 more dropbacks, then the cross arm thing and then another deep dropback, walk in and back up, I think it made quite a sight, but you will need to ask Mel or Susan who were behind me what it looked like! Cary said again that I am getting close to standing, even though it doesn’t feel like it to me. Paschimottanasana time, 2 sets of hands squishing me, Mom cajoling Oscar to “Puuuuuusssssssshhhhh Oscar“. What a great environment for a kid to be brought up in, he brings an energy and sense of sheer fun to the Shala, not least as he decided to play with K’s long plaits as she laid in Savasana on the next mat!

After practice up to Pret at Euston to drink tea and eat croissants and chocolate cake with Mel and Helen , ok I think they both had some of the healthier options, but after a very intense practice I figure I deserve to indulge. Break-brunch somehow lasted until gone 3pm, I really enjoy yogi company, though yoga is not all we talk about, we pick Helen’s brain for Mysore information as she has been and then try and work out how much longer we have to slave and save before it can happen. The yoga social is such a release for me after weeks like last week where it feels like things are closing in, others getting the benefit of my energy and time, it feels like a freedom from domestic and labour camp dross, a time when my mind can open, it can release the despondency and Eeeyore like cloud that follows me round and make me believe that my Mysore dream can become reality 🙂  And we know that the Paschimottanasana squishers of the future are already in training.

7 Responses to “Oscar the youngest adjuster in London!”

  1. daydreamingmel Says:

    That’s such a cute picture, when did you sneak that one?!

    And yes the advanced adjustment of “bringing up from backbend avec toddler on the shoulders” was not one I’d seen before. Pretty funny AND impressive! Feel quite left out I didn’t get an adjustment from Oscar, maybe next time!

  2. Helen Says:

    Hi Kevin,

    What a gorgeous picture. I’m sure with all the regular practices your having these days Mel your bound to get an Oscar adjustment! They sound worth waiting for. This is a great post Kevin. My favourite line is

    “yoga is not all we talk about, we pick Helen’s brain for Mysore information”

    Ummmm Mysore, is kinda yoga related maybe…anyway nice to talk about yoga and our other stuff, which I know is what you meant but this really made me laugh.

  3. AC Says:

    I’m calling Child Line :-). I’m just jealous we don’t have a baby adjuster in the Melbourne shala, really not on……………….

  4. Globie Says:

    Hi helen,

    Yes Mysore is yoga related, ha ha, I thought about it after I wrote it, but just thought they wil know what I mean.

    I lifted the pic from Oscar’s own blog, he doesn’t come to the Shala very often now as he is quite mobile now. His adjustments are fun though, I think Mel needs to get there on Sundays to be in line for one!

    AC if you didn’t spend 6 months a year gallivanting round the world shala hopping and returned to your spot (which Mel is keeping warm for you).

  5. AC Says:

    Tell his mother to package him in a suitcase and send him over to Oz!

    Nice to know Mel has found a spot she likes, I won’t be fighting for the space when I rtn, 🙂

  6. daydreamingmel Says:

    Looking forward to meeting you when you do come back AC, I won’t fight over a spot either 😉 I just like that one on a sunday so that my non-balancing headstand has a wall to practice against, a luxury that I miss on weekdays!

  7. globie Says:

    AC wont mind being nearer the door, she can get to the croissants quicker!

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