Bakasana experiments

After Cary’s Titibhasana – Bakasana lesson on Sunday, the last 2 evenings rather than just plough through practice, quantity as opposed to quality, I have practised up to Bhuja or Supta K depending on how warm I have got, ie how deeply under my thighs I can get my shoulders, then tried to get my anatomy to work out getting to Bakasana without touching the floor. After a few goes I can do it, though I am still not sure what I do differently on the successful ones. Cary said my heals tend to turn inwards, ie heading inside my hands, they need to turn out and go the other side. Doing Bakasana is more down to the technicalities of what lifts when and what goes where, as opposed to outright strength or flexibility, so it should be possible for me.

Backbends at home have not been so good, its too cold, even doing most of primary I am still nowhere near shala temperature, even sneaking in Ustrasana and Kino warm ups hasn’t made much difference, but the main problem is my feet, at the shala the mat stays put, at home on a carpet it moves and I noticed my knee is starting to be unhappy again, I have tried standing on the carpet, but my feet still splay, so I have just been doing a couple of dropbacks to keep me going, but it means its harder to work on the standing up aspect during the week.

38 more days at the Labour Camp until Kino in Thailand, not that I’m counting, I can manage this, but getting through circa 320 slave days until Mysore is going to be a challenge.


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