TFL stop practice!

Bloody “Transport for London” are bringing London to a grinding halt this weekend. No Circle, Met, Victoria or H&C and no Central line west of Marble Arch. It’s impossible to actually get to TLC for practice. There is alledged to be a replacement bus, but god knows how long that will take to make its way to Notting Hill, so it looks like I am stuffed, grrrrrr not happy 😦

I practised last night, whole of primary plus backbending, though again with the lack of stability on my carpet my knee was complaining bitterly about dropbacks, I gave up after 2.

So a weekend with no practice, Moon day on Sunday so stuffed there as well.


8pm home to investigate TFL’s website, it says there is a 390 bus from Euston to Notting Hill which takes 20 minutes, I can’t say I believe it, how can it crawl all the way along Oxford St and the Bayswater Road to Notting Hill in 20 minutes. Do I risk it for a practice with a teacher I know OR have another hour in bed and go to TY?


4 Responses to “TFL stop practice!”

  1. AC Says:

    Take the tube to the shala in Clapham North, just book beforehand. Err, since when did you ever observe moon days?!

  2. Globie Says:

    Well I don’t have a choice when the Shalas (AYL & YP) close for Moon day!

  3. susananda Says:

    Uh-oh.. if you’re feeling it in the knees, you need to make sure you drop back with straight feet and stop going too wide!! Maybe give it a rest for a feel days and practise just hanging back with really good alignment in the legs. Even if you want to go to the floor… think of it as an investment : )

  4. globie Says:

    Hi Susan,

    I notice at YP with Cary’s 2 mat suggestion that my feet stay reasonably in place as I go back, even after last Sunday’s 9 dropback total my knee was fine. At home the mat moves or wrinkles up on the carpet, or if I stand on the carpet I find that there isn’t any traction to keep my feet in place and they splay out. I am not so worried about practising droping back now I can do it, I need to practice attemtping to come back up, but you cant practice coming up unless you go down to start with.

    I must have mentally received your comment this morning as I decided to wait and get assistance from the get go.

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