TLC despite TFL!

I decided to try and get to TLC this morning, but what an effort it took, 1 train, 2 tubes and a bus just got me there in time for practice. How TFL can shut down west London on a Saturday is beyond me.

It was worth the effort, Ruth had the temperature up to AYL levels, nice and warm, just how I like it, I hate having to wait for a yoga room and my body to warm up. Standing adjustments in Trikonasana, a long time since I have had that one, PPC and UHP. Only 6 people there, so lots of help today, usually when I practice with Ruth at AYL it’s so busy you just get assisted in “those” poses.

Seated felt good in the warmth, a nice Paschimot squish, then left alone until the second side of Marichyasana D which I just couldn’t quite bind thanks to my niggling right knee, but Ruth came to the rescue just in time as I was about to give up, once I am in it and my fingers are connected it’s fine. I wondered what would happen when I got to Supta Kurmasana, would it be the typical AYL on you as soon as you think about it assist?? I slowed down and waited for Ruth to help someone else before  I started going into the pose, I was quite deeply in though hadn’t quite crossed my feet when help arrived, easy cross of feet and fingers bound, lift up into Dwi Pada, I went to do Titi, but suddenly had a pain in my right elbow, felt like something was going to go twang, so abandoned Bakasana. A lovely assist in Baddha Konasana, nose to the ground beyond my feet.

After Urdva Dhanurasana I think I mentally received Susan’s comment on the previous post, which she must have been typing as I was practising. I had done a couple of hang backs, but suddenly thought I am not going to do dropback on my own, I am going to wait for help to give my knee a break, at which point Ruth asked if I wanted help. 2 down and up dropbacks and then a down, walk hands in, breathe and then come up. My knees appreciated Susan’s comment. To be honest I am not so worried about doing dropback now that I can do it, but I do want to learn and work on standing up again. But to come back up you obviously have to get down in the first place, so its a bit of a dilemna, especially at home. In theory I could work at it from Urdva Dhanurasana, but my UD’s don’t feel like they have anywhere near the depth of bend in my upper back in particular that I get when I drop back, my weight also feels way back into my hands even when I walk in on UD, so the chances of coming up from a UD are slim to say the least.

It was good to practice, despite having to get up extra early and the hassle of getting to Notting Hill, it makes a difference when a teacher is familiar with a student and I feel like I get far more from my Shala practice when  I am getting assisted like that.

2 hours and a drenching in the rain to get home, time for a nap.


I just took my mat out of the washing machine, I hung it up to dry in the kitchen and realised I can see daylight through the patches where my feet go!


7 Responses to “TLC despite TFL!”

  1. Helen Says:

    Hi kevin glad you made it to practice. To stand up from backbends I suspect you need to open the back more. You can do this by working on hangbacks as susan suggested. It may feel like a step back but will help with both drop backs and standing up. No point pushing through an injury.

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Helen,

    I presume you mean the upper back is what needs to open more, which would mean a deeper bend, landing my hands nearer my feet and keeping more of the weight over my feet to help stand up. I think my knee appreciated the assists yesterday and today’s Moon day off.

  3. Helen Says:

    Not seen your backbend so difficult to say which part needs to open to be honest. Working on on psoas and upper back, I imagine. From what I have heard and seen of your backbends I guess you need to open shoulders and upper back to control the drop more. Talk to Cary about it. I have found it useful to work at a pose if injured by working around it. I have been fortunate in having very few injuries but when I injured my knees I worked on opening my hips up and when my knees healed lotus was much easier despite not practising it at all. I was just suggesting you took a similar approach by following Susans advice on previous post. I have been doing lots of standing backbends myself and find they are really opening my back up.

  4. globie Says:

    Hi Helen,

    Think it is my upper back and Susan has mentioned my shoulders need opening when she has been teaching. Susan has also warned me against annoying my knees by forcing them into lotus for poses like Marichyasana’s (that was the first comment she ever left on my blog, before we had actually met in person), she says it should come from the hips and that’s where any sensation should be felt, not in the knees. My knee problem stems from years of running not yoga. What exercises, asanas did you do to help open the hips?

    I am going to be careful this week, lots of hanging back, apart from setting them in concrete I dunno how to keep my feet from splaying out.

  5. Helen Says:

    Hi kevin, sound advice from susan as always. I injuredy knees doing yin yoga supra virasana. It was just after I had just started to bind in Mari d solo and I wanted to keep up flexibility in hips whilst taking a complete break from lotus. I did lots of different hip oppeners yin style. The pose that worked best for me was baddha konasana against a wall. Which I continue to do for ten minutes most days.

  6. globie Says:

    thanks Helen,

    I presume you mean Baddha Konasana with back to the wall. I will do that this week.

  7. Helen Says:

    Yes i do it seperate to my practice usually with a cuppa before practice. Up early heading to manchester for a Mysore class hopefully.

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