It’s a be kind to my knees week

I have decided to have a be kind to my knees week, my right knee in particular has passed the niggling point into downright painful, especially with Mari D  and at home on the carpet dropbacks, where my feet wont stay put. So I decided Helen and Susan were right, to take more care for a while and save full dropback experiments for the Shala where my feet have a relatively non slip surface and there is assistance at hand.

Last night I tried Helen’s Baddha Konasana, ie not a 5 and outta there, but do it against a wall for 15 minutes with a cup of tea, trying to release the hips. Well the left hip was quite happy, but OMG could I feel it in the right hip, which is obviously the one that needs to open to take away the problem with my knee. I plan to try this every night when I get home.

Practice itself last night was a very slow Primary up to Bhujapidasana, modifying Marichyasana B & D, ie no Lotus, then when I got to backbends I just did some hang backs, this induced the “clonk” in the top of my back, it’s not painful, its just an audible and feelable clonk, but it does feel like a space or lengthening appears for the next backbend. I can usually only induce the clonk when I do Ustrasana.

I hope this taking it easy experiment works and of course I hope it doesn’t re-instate the fear of doing a dropback when i get a Shala practice.


10 Responses to “It’s a be kind to my knees week”

  1. Alfia Says:

    Hi, Kevin:

    Haven’t read blogs in a long time, catching up now.
    I practice baddhakonasana at the wall with my class once in a while. We use a block, inserting it between the feet and sitting for at least 10 breath (sometimes longer), holding the ankels with both hands to prevent their sliding off and pressing the back into the wall. Then we turn the block, so the distance between the feet is wider, 10-15 breaths again. We turn the block even more, using the longest side between the feet (not everyone can do it!) 10-15 breaths. Then we remove the block and baddha feels like coming home! I can see peoples knees to drop visibly. Very gratifying. Walking is awkward afterwards, though just for a short time.

  2. Helen Says:

    Hi kevin definately good to be kind to the knee, be kind to the hip too though do not over do it. When you sit in badha konasana is one knee higher than the other. Re drop backs you should be fine, you know you can do it now and if you open the back up you will come down with more control. Would be great if you were coming to Edinburgh but since your going to Thailand instead I am somehow lacking sympathy. Alfia that sounds really interesting but I can not understand where the block is? Under feet?

  3. globie Says:

    Hi Helen,

    I can get both knees comfortably to the floor in BK. Being in it longer than the usual 5 breaths is ok to begin with, but I wondered how uncomfortable I should let it become. Dropback is still a bit of a psychological game even though I know I can do it, but as you say hopefully my upper back will open and allow more control.

    So looking forward to Thailand for so many reasons.

    Alfia I was also wondering about the position of the block

  4. susananda Says:

    Sounds very sensible. Hanging back will only give you more confidence! Stay there, get comfortable and BREATHE : )

  5. Helen Says:

    Cool, I started with 5 minutes and worked upwards. How uncomfortable it can safely feel is a matter of experience. Start cautious and explore…Thailand will be warm, oh how I miss it!

  6. susananda Says:

    Helen, have you been to Yoga Thailand? Did I know that?? (I forget things)

  7. Helen Says:

    Hi Susan,
    No I have not been to yoga Thailand but I lived in Thailand for 3 years about 6 years ago. As far as I know I haven’t told you that. I am going to do a workshop with Paul Dallaghan in May though, signed up for it today.

  8. Globie Says:

    Hi Helen,

    So are you going to Yoga Thailand to do the workshop?

    Hope you have a great weekend with Kino

  9. Helen Says:

    Nope, workshop is in Manchester but Yoga Thailand is Paul’s retreat centre. Must go back to Thailand soon though!

  10. susananda Says:

    I know, he’s in Manchester while we’re still at YT and after Kino’s over! Bummer because I wanted to practise with him, but someone else will be teaching.

    Three years, Wow! You can tell me about that at lunch next time, Helen : )

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