It made me realise what yoga does

The weekend just doesn’t feel right when I don’t practice on Sunday at a Shala, be it YP or AYL. I arrive at work on Monday with the feeling that I have missed something that makes it all whole and worthwhile. This morning I sat flicking through the paper with my intercostal against the radiator before going to work, there was an article by a woman around my age who had the feeling that life was passing her by, she drifted through life, she has a nice house, loving husband, a son, holidays, but she still felt as if she wasn’t actually taking part in her own life. What made the difference was being taken out of her comfort zone when her husband bought a Camper van.

But really its about being taken out of the comfort zone, I have a job, well ok less said about that place the better, but I have a nice house, nice holidays etc, but like the writer I am drifting through and not taking part in my life hoping something, anything will come along to change it, EXCEPT on Sundays when yoga takes me out of my comfort zone, makes me be present with my body and my surroundings. It’s changing to Mysore practice that really does it, did it. Doing a led class for years I had reached a plateau in my practice and there were times when I could almost drift through it, accepting that I would never do Supta Kurmasana or Urdva Dhanurasana.

Yoga on a Sunday is challenging, mentally as much as physically, lift into Dwi Pada from Supta K or landing a dropback on my own are such a high that the rest of the week becomes a deep low, but in those 2 hours or so of practice I am completely out of my comfort zone and nowadays frequently challenged to go into places that make me so present and alive. No yoga no life it seems.


13 Responses to “It made me realise what yoga does”

  1. karen Says:

    Yup, the path of least resistance doesn’t help us grow or connect with life very well. You’re really on to something here, K!

  2. globie Says:

    Its the period between Sunday’s that is the problem. I always feel uplifted and really well around 10am on Sunday after practice, that feeling lasts for most of the rest of the day, then Monday comes around………

  3. Helen Says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Hope injury is healing? Do you not feel that your self practice during the week helps? I find shala practice useful but also love my self practice. Injuries can be very frustrating, hope it and you are feeling better.

  4. Emma Says:

    the cure to the mondays? night classes!

  5. Allison Says:

    No yoga no life! love this post!

  6. Globie Says:

    Hi Helen,

    The intercostal is loosening with time against the radiator and Tiger balm to stop it seizing up at night. I did some practice last night, but had to abandon vinyasas between poses.

    Shala practice is completely different to my practice at home, the heat, shared energy and just more focus and less distraction, its just a better practice.

    Emma, night classes out here in the sticks, um we turn the lights off and go to bed around 7pm,there’s nothing else to do. It’s what makes being able to get into London on a Sunday to practice at the shala special.

  7. Helen Says:

    Cool glad you got to practice. Ever tried morning self practice, you might find it more focused. I know it means getting up earlier, so I guess it depends how you feel about that. Shala practice is different your right. I was planning on going to a Mysore class in Manchester on Monday but just realised it’s a moon day.

  8. globie Says:

    Hi Helen,

    So how was Edinburgh, did Marc enjoy it, talk about in at the deep end.

    I have occassionally practised in the morning, but its cold and I am stiff and my mat resides next to my warm bed and there’s only ever going to be one winner. Just hope I make it to YP this Sunday. Just glad the Moon day has moved to a Monday after the last 2 being on Sundays.

  9. Helen Says:

    Weekend was great thanks. Marc loved it. Will blog soon no doubt..

  10. AC Says:

    The quicker you get to Mysore the better, 🙂

    However, you could chuck it all in and move to London – yoga galore to be had, morning, noon and night!!

  11. Helen Says:

    Good ideas from AC, but then you have thought about that.

  12. Pat Says:

    You are right about yoga getting one out of their comfort zone in a wonderful way. It’s hard to go about my day holding myself back from telling people what dropbacks felt like and how deep I went into such and such posture. I tell my (gymnast) kids and even their eyes glaze over! But it’s good to have these feelings and maybe the silver lining of this is you realising how much yoga really contributes to being alive. You WILL feel better, just give it time. Joey says that restoratives are perfectly acceptable if that’s what you need in your practice. So if your practice is leaning against the radiator, then be happy for the warmth.

  13. globie Says:

    Hi Pat,

    Its like we all belong to some secret society, with a secret language.

    The radiator, Tiger balm and spiky massage ball seem to be having some effect now on the intercostal.

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