Self treatment is working

My combination of sitting against the warm kitchen radiator, Tiger balm at night and my spiky massage ball seem to be having the desired effect on my pulled Intercostal muscle. It is much easier now, but still “ouch” painful when I attempt to do weight bearing poses like Upward dog or Bhujapidasana.

I managed to do a better practice last night, through to Supta K, but only doing walk through vinyasas between poses, though I forgot myself once and jumped forward, the intercostal quickly reminded me that it wasn’t a good idea. I can’t stand to push up into Urdva Dhanurasana, so its been Salabhasana and some Ustrasanas before some decent hanging back and bouncing up off the door. I have a game where I hang back and try to touch the door lower down each time and yet manage to stand back up, in the hope that this will help my standing up from dropbacks. I also inadvertently did a dropback last night when the hangback passed the point of no return, but at least I had the presence of mind to stick my arms out in time, land and lower myself down with no damage to mt head or intercostal.

Hopefully I will be shala fit for practice on Sunday, I just hope the trains are.


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