An hour on my mat & a new toy maybe.

Escape at 4pm, home and on my mat with a mug of tea by 4.20. Surprisingly bendy after a day of tedium in front of my office PC. I realised how much I pull on my arms when I do Padahastasana, I am trying to keep any tension away from my Intercostal, its actually quite focussing trying to relax the arms in poses where you are tempted to use leverage. Same with the Trikonasanas and Prasaritas, it was an interesting experiment. After standing I did a bit of a pick and mix of seated, Janu A & B, Mari A & C, knee and Intercostal preservation upermost in my mind.

I decided to spend the last 20 minutes or so doing backbends, the usual warm ups, then a reasonable Urdva Dhanurasana and a mini walk in, lowering down before any pain. Time for hanging back experiments which again were encouragingly deep enough to spread the crash landing equipment out and try a couple of dropbacks to the floor. 2 safe landings, though I notice I am landing further back, so I assume the bend in my upper back is probably not as deep as it was a few weeks ago. But at least it felt like a worthwhile practice.

I have been thinking about getting a new toy ever since I bought my mother a Nintendo DS, which she loves and takes everywhere. I am tempted to get one for myself, I have never owned a games console of any kind, BUT I am also extremely tempted by the new Apple I-Pad which is due this side of the Atlantic at the end of April. The games for the DS seem aimed at kids or are puzzle type games, I wonder if Apple offer a better range of “Apps”. My other reason for thinking about the Apple is wi-fi internet access on a bigger screen, I have a little Nokia which I love, but reading my e-mail on it is doing nothing good for my eyes. This is the first Apple product I have been tempted by, though I notice it doesnt have a USB port so wonder how you actualy get stuff on to it,  I have also read plenty of negative stuff about Apple products over the years. Living out here in the sticks at least means I cannot give in to my toy cravings and just buy one or other, I have to make an effort to go somewhere to purchase which allows a craving cooling off period!


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